5 Fan Theories for Spy x Family Chapter 74

The latest chapter in Shonen Jump's hit manga can't come any sooner!

by J.R. Waugh
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Spy x Family has gotten intensely entrenched in the current Red Circus Arc since chapter 69. For those following the series, it has embodied the fears of the children of Eden Academy, and the parents who watch over them. The children, including Anya Forger, often walk with a target painted on their backs due to the wealth and status of their parents, but in this case, the parents aren’t around to protect them. So instead of a violent (yet hilarious) rescue by Yor, fan theories are circulating about what Anya will do in chapter 74 as her bus is hijacked by the Red Circus in Spy x Family. Spoilers ahead!

Anya Takes a Stand: Spy x Family Recap Before Chapter 74

While the series is largely comedic, the premise still has hints of serious tension, with a politically tense setting in Berlint, Ostania. During this arc, we’ve seen this tension come to a head, with the Red Circus insurgents taking Eden Academy students hostage. While chapters 69-72 were light in tone despite the situation, with Anya quickly lowering the tension, chapter 73 revealed some key twists.

Vadim, one of the Red Circus members, has more bombs concealed aboard the bus. He is ready to use them to kill the hostages as well as damage the State Council building, or take out the approaching SSS officers as collateral damage, revealed to Anya via her telepathy. Yuri stormed the other hijacked bus but was injured in the process. SSS officers are poised to storm Anya’s bus to exterminate the Red Circus aboard, being okay with even non-zero civilian casualties. Anya sees the situation unfolding, and stands up to approach Billy and Vadim before the chapter ends.

It’s a tense cliffhanger before the hiatus leading to Spy x Family chapter 74, and the fan theories have been swirling. Final Spoiler Warning!

What Are the Fan Theories for Spy x Family Chapter 74? Will Anya Appeal to Billy?

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Fans have taken to forums online to discuss what they think will happen next. Naturally, one of the most obvious potential next steps is for Anya to appeal to Billy, a Red Circus member whose backstory was revealed in chapter 73.

He tragically lost his daughter when a Red Circus protest turned violent, and her being killed by the state. Naturally, with SSS officers prepping to storm the bus, Anya could reveal this development in a bid to sway him into betraying Vadim. After all, he would not want more children to die at the hands of the state for the Red Circus cause. It also serves as an interesting parallel to Twilight/Loid, whose daughter would die for Operation Strix, with Twilight’s motivation being to see a world where children don’t have to cry.

Anya and Damian Could Receive a Stella

Another angle to consider is that Henry Henderson was brought to the situation to calm the hostages. Witnessing Anya’s nerves of steel (not knowing the bombs she and Damian are wearing are fake) he will very likely come out of this situation to give her a Stella. This series won’t kill Anya, it seems preposterous, so this seems like a foregone conclusion.

Readers make an interesting point about this as well, noting that while Stellas are typically more for academic achievement, she’ll likely pull a life-saving feat in this arc. It’ll be yet another Stella for saving the lives of children, and Henderson has already witnessed her elegant handling of it.

Anya and Damian Could Also Bond

Anya and Damian have been stuck on this bus together and Damian has again seen her strong will and cavalier attitude. He will no doubt see these as admirable qualities, although resenting her still as a commoner, and has already been spurred to action at least once in this arc.

Given her situation being shared by Damian, perhaps he’ll try and help her out in whatever scheme she is hatching, and the two might become closer as a result.

Anya and Billy Use the Fake Bombs to Their Advantage?

Despite Henderson seeing the neck bombs worn by Anya and Damian, there’s no reveal to anybody else but the children that they’re fake. Anya could appeal to Billy’s past all the same, but Billy could use this to his advantage, to ward off any efforts by the SSS before it is too late.

Yuri to the Rescue?

Spy x Family images: Shonen Jump

Despite having been winged by a bullet while storming the other bus, Yuri could still get into the action, especially in the moments before the SSS stormed Anya’s bus. He is simply on a rescue mission to protect the children, predominantly Chihuahua Girl (Anya), and would be the ideal rescuer in this scenario. It remains to be seen how he’d treat Billy even if he were to defect or turn himself in, but his role in this is likely far from over.

Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a Spy x Family fan, and the theories are far from implausible leading into chapter 74. If you’re as ready as we are for the new chapter, you can expect it to release on January 22, 2023, on Shonen Jump+.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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