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by Gabriel Rodrigues
Natsu fighting Jellal

One of the most popular shonen anime, Fairy Tail follows Natsu and many other charismatic characters from the Fairy Tail guild solving the problems of the kingdom. But with every anime, it doesn’t matter how good it is, there’s always a question: does it have any filler? And Fairy Tail doesn’t escape that. Let’s see the list with all Fairy Tail filler episodes you can skip.

Fairy Tail Filler Guide

Out of the 328 Fairy Tail episodes, 61 of them are fillers. It has a lot of filler, but they usually are entirely skippable arcs instead of random episodes in the middle of stories. You are also safe to skip them without regret as they are widely considered awful, even though it’s a chance to see beloved villains and characters again.

It also has a few mixed canon/filler episodes; they have both anime-only scenes and moments directly taken out of the manga. It’d be better to not skip those. But, at the same time, Fairy Tail doesn’t have a lot of essential information you absolutely can’t lose, so you are kind of safe to also skip those if you want.

As Fairy Tail had a 1-year break, most of the filler is one the first part of the anime, with the latter having more mixed canon/filler episodes.

Let’s check out all the filler and mixed canon/filler episodes in Fairy Tail:

  • Fairy Tail: Episode 9
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 19
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 20 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 49 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 50
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 69 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episodes 70-75
  • Fairy Tail: Episodes 125-150
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 151 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episodes 182-183 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 201 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episodes 202-226
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 255 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 260 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 268
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 270 (Mixed)
  • Fairy Tail: Episode 312 (Mixed)

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- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023