All Inuyasha Filler Episodes – Full Inuyasha Filler List

"You got two legs and a heartbeat. What's stopping you?"

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Inuyasha main characters

Inuyasha is one of those classic anime everyone knows exists, but many haven’t watched it yet. Its popularity was enough to guarantee a few movies in the 2000s and a sequel in 2020 called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. However, with almost 200 episodes, it does get a bit discouraging to watch it right now. For our luck, we can rest assured as a part of that is skippable. So, read on for a full Inuyasha Filler list with every episode you don’t have to watch.

Inuyasha Filler Episodes Guide

Inuyasha is a very different isekai series following Kagome Higurashi, a girl pulled by a demon into her family’s well. She wakes up in feudal Japan hunted by evil demons, trying to find an extremely powerful item she is unknowingly carrying; the Shikon Jewel. When the stone is shattered and scattered across the country, Kagome and Inuyasha, a half-demon boy, unite to find them. 

Out of 193 episodes, 35 are fillers, allowing you to easily skip them. It also has a few mixed canon/filler episodes; they have both anime-only scenes and moments directly taken from the manga. You can skip those two if you really want, but it’s better to give them at least a bit of attention, as important information might come up.

Also, the mixed episodes give a bit more insight into each protagonist, and that’s one of the reasons many people consider Inuyasha the best romance anime.

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Let’s check out all the filler and mixed episodes in Inuyasha:

  • Inuyasha: Episode 26 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 57-58 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episode 59
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 63-65
  • Inuyasha: Episode 68
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 69 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episode 72
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 75-79
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 83-84 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episode 87 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 89-101
  • Inuyasha: Episode 102 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 127-128 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 129-130
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 133-134
  • Inuyasha: Episode 135 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 136-140
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 141-142 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episode 144 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 147-148 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episode 160 (Mixed)
  • Inuyasha: Episodes 162-163

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023