All of Us Are Dead Season 2: Release Date, Recap, Plot, Cast, and More

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for a guide for All of Us Are Dead Season 2, including Release Date, Recap, Plot, Cast, and more? The popular zombie apocalypse K-Drama ended on a cliffhanger, making us all wonder what would happen next. However, we weren’t sure we would get a second season because of Netflix’s unfortunate history of canceling popular shows after one season. Luckily for us, a second season is happening. Here is the All of Us Are Dead Season 2 release date, recap, plot, cast, and more to keep you updated on your favorite K-Drama zombie series.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Netflix confirmed that All of Us Are Dead was renewed for season 2 during Netflix Geeked Week on June 6, 2022. However, no official release date has been provided by Netflix. In addition, Park Ji-hu stated in a Teen Vogue interview that as of March 2023 filming for Season 2 has not started. Unfortunately, this means we won’t see new episodes of the popular K-Drama until sometime in early 2024.

All of Us Are Dead Season 1 Ending Explained

To eliminate the infected, the deputy commander ordered the bombing of Hyosan city. Cheong-san and the remaining survivors race to find a haven, but unfortunately, Cheong-san gets bitten by Gwi-nam, which means he will turn into a zombie or halfbie. Knowing the danger he poses to his friends, Cheong-san sacrifices himself. Meanwhile, the other survivors fight off a horde of zombies and suffer one casualty, Wu-jin. Nam-ra struggles with her bloodlust and distances herself from the group to protect them.

The six remaining survivors are rescued and brought to a quarantine camp four months later. On-Jo sneaks out at night to leave gifts at the memorial right outside the camp and notices a campfire on the rooftop of Hyosan High. She and the others investigate and find Nam-ra, who warns them about other halfbies roaming around. Nam-ra jumps off the rooftop, leaving her friends shocked. The credits roll.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Plot

During an interview with The Korea Herald, Director Lee Jae-kyoo revealed he had planned a second season for the All of Us Are Dead series. He explained that the first season focused on humanity’s survival, and the second season will focus on the survival of the zombies. This makes perfect sense since Season 1 ends with Nam-ra discussing the halfbies running around. However, I still want to know what happened to the virus creator, Lee Byeong-chan’s infected wife and son, after the military captured them.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Cast

With no official cast release for All of Us Are Dead Season 2, we can only guess who will be in Season 2 based on the events of Season 1, interviews, and the announcement trailer.

Expected All of Us Are Dead season 2 cast are:

  • On-jo: Park Ji-hu
  • Su-hyeok: Park Solomon
  • Dae-su: Im Jae-hyuk
  • Ha-ri: Ha Seung-ri
  • Mi-jin: Lee Eun-saem
  • Hyo-ryung: Kim Bo-yoon)

I also believe that Cheong-san will return because of Yoon Chan-young’s appearance in the Season 2 announcement video. However, he heroically sacrificed himself in episode 11 of Season 1. So what will the circumstances of his return be? Will he be dead, alive, or shown in a flashback?

- This article was updated on May 22nd, 2023

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