10 Best Christmas Anime, Ranked

Christmas brings sleigh bells of delight and Anime comforts!

by Gordon Bicker

Anime has many Christmas series and episodes that truly capture the joyful essence of Christmas time. There is no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in your desires during the holidays and relax with some hot cocoa while watching these lovely festive Anime. In stark contrast to the best pirate animes, the following entries will keep you on the edge of your seat with holiday cheer instead. This article will take you through the best Christmas Anime of all time.

Best Christmas Anime of All Time

10. Laid-Back Camp — Christmas Camp! Episode


Even though the entire anime isn’t dedicated fully to Christmas — that doesn’t mean an incredible Christmas episode shouldn’t get a mention. The “Christmas Camp!” episode is full of warm-filled Christmas cheer, especially so when the characters are all grouped together in their adorable outfits to celebrate the season.

This is the eleventh episode of Laid-Back Camp, so you have plenty of time to catch up with the other great episodes if you want to get deeper into the franchise.

9. Sword Art Online — Red Nosed Reindeer


The third episode of Sword Art Online will have those who enjoy a lot of action covered aplenty. It is no regular Christmas for the characters in this episode and lots of battles await. However, the essence of Christmas is still captured thoroughly.

The entire anime of Sword Art Online is absolutely worth watching, especially if you enjoy games such as Tales of Arise which even got a Sword Art Online crossover for the experience.

8. Tokyo Godfathers


Tokyo Godfathers is a beautiful 2003 film that can be enjoyed by most people who end up watching it. After a family, unfortunately, discover a baby left in the trash on Christmas Eve, there is a heartwarming story of the main characters trying to find out who the baby belongs to.

It is an emotional Anime that not only makes sure you feel the spirit of Christmas but also of life itself.

7. Lucky Star — Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve Episode


Lucky Star still has a lot of fan pull, which always brings people back to the series. For those who want a Christmas episode to remember, you can watch the “Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve” special found in the first season on the eleventh episode.

From discussing Christmas Cake to planning the festivities out, there is a bunch to be enjoyed while watching this episode so there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot this year!

6. Kanon


The full anime for Kanon has numerous Christmas-themed episodes, and there is a strong influx of the winter season that flows through the series. It is a perfect anime to watch during the festivities you and your family will be having. There are incredible stories told and watching bonds grow between the characters is always something exciting to watch.

Kanon is known by many who watch anime thanks to its overall popularity and there is a lot of fan hype that surrounds the series to this very day.

5. 5 Centimeters Per Second


This specific movie brings certain moments with it which make us reminisce about other Christmas films such as The Polar Express and Elf. A romantic story runs through the animated drama that is filled with Christmas cheer.

Although there are some sections that aren’t based too much on the holiday weather and season, 5 Centimeters Per Second still contains a deeply rooted story that emphasizes what Christmas truly means.

4. My Hero Academia — Have a Merry Christmas! Episode


My Hero Academia is loved by many and, when a Christmas episode aired, fans were over the moon with the plot and visuals. Eri gets to enjoy Christmas with her friends and the other characters swarm in with festivities and joy.

If you want to celebrate one of the best anime around with an equally great Christmas episode then this choice is for you. “It”Have a Merry Christmas!” is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season for My Hero Academia if you are trying to find the exact number of the episode.

3. A Place Further Than the Universe — Partial Friendship Episode


Antarctica is about as close as you can get to living up the holiday spirit. With snow found nearly everywhere and happy penguins on the run, it is an ideal environment to celebrate the festivities within. The power of friendship should never be underestimated and this episode ensures that you will never forget that with touching moments during the runtime.

Along with that, Yuzuki and Mari are both dressed up in Christmas attire at parts of the episode so the Christmas vibes run high with the tenth episode of A Place Further Than the Universe.

2. Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve


“This”Silent Eve” was a special Christmas movie that aired to celebrate Christmas with one of the most popular anime around. Love Hina is a beautiful gathering of great anime scenes and writing that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. The overall visuals scream Christmas and it is wonderful to view Hinata City in this light.

The special itself focuses a lot on love and relationships as a whole, it is a romantic special from 2000 which combines emotion with hilarious comedy throughout.

1. Toradora! Christmas Eve Party Episode


Toradora! has a few Christmas-themed episodes to watch and one of the best is the Christmas Eve Party (19th episode) which sets just the right tone for the holiday season. There are many wholesome moments contained within and the most memorable tends to be when Taiga Aisaka lets someone dressed up as a Christmas teddy bear (known as ‘Santa’) into their room through the window.

This teddy bear turns out to be someone very close to Taiga which we won’t spoil for you here. The pair dance around in the room and share many hugs after confusion has passed for Taiga who just let a bear in through the window. The warm lights of Christmas radiate through the scene and it truly brings an essence of Christmas to the heart of any viewer.

As can be observed, there are many excellent Christmas Anime episodes and series to watch when in a jovial mood for the holidays. There are also a lot of excellent Anime to watch during the fall season if you are reading this at that time instead. No matter where the Anime is ranked on this list they each have a wonderful reason to be watched during November and December — or whenever that Christmas spark hits you!

- This article was updated on November 11th, 2022

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