Black Clover Chapter 361 Spoilers, Release Timeline, and Recap

Don't miss out on any action in Black Clover Chapter 361 with these spoilers, release timeline, and recap.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Did you finish reading chapter 360 and are looking for the Black Clover Chapter 361 spoilers, release timeline, and recap so you don’t have to wait until the official chapter release? Luckily, we now return to a standard release schedule after the long break left us all waiting. Even so, we will provide Black Clover Chapter 361 spoilers and raw scans as they are released, so you don’t have to wait long to get questions like this answered.

Black Clover Chapter 361 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 361 spoilers have been released and provided to you below:

  • Black Clover Chapter 361
  • Title: Doomsday Army
  • Lucius is slayed and Yuno believes he won.
  • Then Lucius is back, unharmed, with a smile on his face. Yuno is confused. He’s sure it wasn’t a hallucination and doesn’t understand what happened.
  • Buildings start to crumble around Lucius.
  • Lucius: “I can clone myself because I possess Soul, body, blood, and bone magic!”
  • Lucius’ inner thought: “My plan is still flawless, even if you are all beyond my foresight!”
  • I’ll created a new primordial nursery in this land and descend as wizard emperor!
  • Many copies of Lucius appear around Yuno. “You were strong Yuno Grinberryall!”
  • NPCS grows worried at sight, but Noelle says, “Not yet. There’s still hope!”
  • Next, we see the Black Bulls
  • Vanessa is talking to the Witch Queen about how only she can help them find who they are looking for and asks her for a favor.
  • The Witch Queen responds by saying she already knew they were coming.
  • The Witch Queen then tells them that Asta is alive but he’s in a foreign land.
  • When everyone rejoices she tells them that the land is too far away to “Summon” him.
  • Dorothy says it is not a problem because they need Asta-Kun to defeat Lucius since he’s the future Lucius cannot read.
  • Dorothy says they are the three most powerful witches of all time, and if they team up, they can do anything.
  • The Witch Queen says the world is in danger, so she’ll help them.
  • The Black Bulls activate a super compound magic called “The Door of Destiny,” which focuses on their Spatial Mage, Finral.
  • Dorthoy explains that the magic lets one meet the person they want to the most.
  • Asta is back.
  • Chapter end.
  • No break next week.

Black Clover Chapter 361 Release Timeline

The Black Clover Chapter 361 release timeline is 1:00 AM JST on Monday, June 12, 2023. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 8:00 AM PST Sunday, June 11
  • 9:00 AM MST Sunday, June 11
  • 10:00 AM CST Sunday, June 11
  • 12:00 PM EST Sunday, June 11
  • 1:00 PM AST Sunday, June 11
  • 2:00 PM BRT Sunday, June 11
  • 5:00 PM GMT Sunday, June 11
  • 7:00 PM CEST Sunday, June 11
  • 9:30 PM IST Sunday, June 11
  • 11:00 PM ICT Sunday, June 11
  • 12:00 AM PHT Sunday, June 11
  • 1:00 AM JST Monday, June 12

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Where Can I Read Black Clover Chapter 361?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 361 for free on Viz Media’s website. The three most recent chapters are also available on the Viz Media website for free if you need to catch up on previous chapters before Chapter 361 releases. If you are reading on a mobile device, you can also download the Shonen Jump app and read all official Shueisha Mangas, including Black Clover.

Black Clover Chapter 360 Recap: Yuno vs. Lucius

Chapter 360 of Black Clover, The Invisible World, begins with Noelle and Acier fighting. Noelle attacks her mother with a sea dragon spell, but Acier Silva counters it by piercing through it.

The chapter then shifts to the fight between Yuno Grinberryall and Lucius Zogratis. Yuno uses his speed to get close to Lucius, attempting to attack him with his sword. However, Lucius can block his attacks and even bend Yuno’s sword.

Lucius comments on Yuno’s increased speed, but it is still not enough to defeat him. Lucius attempts to take control of Yuno’s soul with his magic, but Yuno uses a spell called “Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Notus” to block the spell.

Yuno then speeds up and attacks Lucius with an exponential increase in speed and strength, shocking him. Lucius is surprised by Yuno’s power, even more so as Yuno was able to master star magic in a year, whereas, in Lucius’ vision, it would have taken several years.

Lucius ponders the difference in his foresight and realizes that this future was affected by Asta. While distracted by these thoughts, Yuno takes the opportunity to deal with a significant attack on Lucius.

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