Doctor Cha Episodes 13 and 14 Recap and Ending, Explained

Here are Doctor Cha episodes 13 and 14 recap and ending, explained so you are ready for the next two episodes!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Here are Doctor Cha Episodes 13 and 14 recap and ending, explained. This season of Doctor Cha is getting closer to the end, which means several story arcs are starting to come to a close. These two episodes finally dealt with heavy content between multiple characters and ended on a major cliffhanger. Here is everything you need to know about Doctor Cha Episodes 13 and 14.

Doctor Cha Episodes 13 and 14 Explained

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Doctor Cha wasn’t surprised that In Ho was having an affair with Seung Hee. She decided not to divorce In Ho, but that changed after she found out that In Ho had a daughter, and her family kept the truth from her. After this, Jeong Suk leaves the house and asks In Ho for a divorce. To save his marriage, In Ho asks Seung Hee to end their affair, which she refuses.

This causes significant distress to In Ho when Jeong Suk brings up the topic of divorce. However, her children support her decision to do so. So in Ho decides that he will win her back and starts making her breakfast every day. However, Jeong Suk views it as a nuisance instead of a kind gesture.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim helps Jeong Suk again by explaining the details of a patient’s passing to their family and saving Jung Min from being sued by them. Jung Min is upset that his colleagues admire him even after his patient dies. Jeong Suk expresses gratitude towards Roy Kim, and In Ho becomes jealous of their relationship, which is then made worse by Seung Hee when she tells him that there could be something happening between them.

Jeong Suk’s mother has been sick for a while and has given up after many unsuccessful visits to different doctors. She also hides it from Jeong Suk until one visit, where Jeong Suk finds her in pain. In an ironic twist of fate, Jeong Suk checks her mother into her hospital, and Seung Hee is assigned as her primary doctor. This causes Jeong Suk to request another primary doctor for her mom. When she asks why, Jeong Suk tells her mother she is In Ho’s ex-girlfriend from college, and her mom doesn’t believe it, finding the situation funny.

Jeong Suk’s Mother Learns About the Affair

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In Ho tries to take advantage of the fact that Jeong Suk’s mother is in the hospital. In Ho tries to take care of her mother and, after his mom suggests it, takes them all out to dinner. Jeong Suk doesn’t want to go but does so for her mom. While there In Ho’s mother sees her boyfriend with a different woman who is his wife. The two women fight, and the other woman calls In Ho and his mom adulterers. Jeong Suk’s mom overhears, which is how she finds out about In Ho’s affair.

This causes Jeong Suk’s mother to be furious at all of them. In the meantime, Seung Hee arrives at the restaurant with Eun Seo. Instead of being mad at the situation, Eun Seo asks Seung Hee to move to the United States so that they can start a new life together.

After that, we see Jeon Suk’s mother yelling at In Ho for partaking in the affair and Jeong Suk for hiding it. Based on earlier events, she even guesses that the affair was with Seung Hee. In Ho then asks Jeong Suk’s mother to save their marriage by telling Jeong Suk not to divorce him, but she refuses. After this, we see that Jeong Suk’s mother is no longer in pain, but her doctors are still unable to find the underlying cause even after running more advanced tests.

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Roy Kim Meets His Biological Family

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We then see Roy Kim finally getting to meet his biological family. He asks Jeong Suk, the only one who knows he is adopted, to accompany him. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go as planned as he discovers his biological mother has passed away. On top of that, his remaining biological family agreed to meet with him only because his biological father has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant.

Meanwhile, Jeong Suk is contemplating moving her mother to another hospital with a better neurology department. However, Seng Hee spent many sleepless nights researching her issues and could treat her illness. Jeong Suk and Seung Hee finally discuss their affair, and Seung Hee asks that Jeong Suk talks to Irang about quitting art school because they have already hurt their kids enough.

The Cliffhanger

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At this point, we see Episode 14 concluded with Jeong Suk’s mother writing a letter to Seung Hee, who tells her that she can still live an honorable life. This causes Seung Hee to realize the pain she has hurt by having an affair with In Ho. Next, In Ho receives the official divorce papers but refuses to sign them. Finally, Jeong Suk’s health worsens as she gets dizzy and spits out blood.

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