7 Fan Theories for One Piece Chapter 1072

What are your predictions for chapter 1072?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering what fan theories for One Piece chapter 1072 are floating around because you can’t wait for it to be released after the long break? We don’t blame you or other fans because we have a very long break and have to wait until chapter 1071 is released first. One fan even went as far as to say he’d give a kidney to read 1072, and other fans built that into the latest chapter release! So here are 7 fan theories for One Piece chapter 1072 that will get you thinking and hopefully get you through until the official release of chapter 1072.

7 Fan Theories for One Piece Chapter 1072


Here are 7 fan theories for One Piece Chapter 1072 that we’ve found while scouring Reddit and social media platforms. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Mysterious Stranger

The Den Den Mushi Vegapunk uses to communicate with the mysterious person indicates the character is someone we’ve seen before. This is because the Den Den Mushi often mimics the facial attributes of the person on the other side.

Will The Real Kuma Please Stand Up

The real Kuma is alive and will appear on Egghead island to reunite with his daughter. However, fans believe that Vegapunk used his smarts to give the Celestial Dragons a Pacifista model and hide away the real Kuma until later.

On the other side, there is a fan theory that the real Kuma is returning to Mariejois to either find the secret treasure we learned about in the Dressrosa arc or go after Im-sama.

The last Kuma fan theory is that Vegapunk has the skill to turn Kuma back to normal, but he won’t because of an unknown goal (maybe tied to one of the theories above). Once this goal has been completed, will Kuma be turned back to normal?

Will Garp Die?

One fan theory discusses Garp’s plan to attack Blackbeard to rescue Koby, but he will die in the process, causing an all-out war between Blackbeard, Luffy and the Straw Hats, and Koby.

Will we finally learn who the leader of SWORD is? There are fan theories that Garp is the leader, which is why he is so interested in saving Koby from Blackbeard.

Let’s Visit the Fable Island of Elbaf

We will finally see Elbaf for the first time, but not by Luffy or the Straw Hat pirates. However, Kid’s arrival may give us a glimpse into the island until Luffy gets there, giving us something to look forward to in later chapters.

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- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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