Hold Old is Miles Morales in Into the Spider-Verse 2?

How old is Miles Morales in Across the Spider-Verse? The answer may surprise you.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Are you wondering how old Miles Morales is in Across the Spider-Verse? Understandably, there may be confusion regarding the age of Miles Morales and other characters in the Spider-Verse films compared to their comic book counterparts. This is because the films draw from various comic book sources rather than being solely based on one specific series. The time warp between Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse can also contribute to this confusion.

Hold Old is Miles Morales in Across the Spider-Verse?

Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Miles Gonzalo Morales was born on Earth-1610 around 2003, to parents Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales. He is 14 years old during the events of Into the Spider-Verse. However, after the time warp from Into the Spider-Verse to Across the Spider-Verse, he is now 15 years old. To put this into perspective, Miles is two to three years younger than Peter Parker when the spider bit him.

Here is Miles Morales’s character profile:

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 180 Pounds

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Miles is 15 months younger than Gwen Stacy in the animated films. This makes Stacy 16 during the events of Into the Spider-Verse and 17 during Across the Spider-Verse. Gwen was supposed to be Morales’s romantic interest in the Spider-Verse animated films, but this idea was scrapped, and she became a mentor, along with Peter B. Parker, to him instead.

How Old is Miles Morales When He Dies?

Image: Marvel

While Miles Morales is alive as a teenager in most comics and animated films, Marvel released his death, “Miles Morales: The End” #1. In it, Morales lives to be an old man in a world ravaged by super-germs. During a battle with the One America Army, led by Captain Last, Morales gives a huge bioelectric charge that slays Captain Last at the expense of his own life. While his exact age is unknown, the pictures of him show an old man with white hair, denoting he is older.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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