How Much Can Superman Lift?

How much can Superman bench?

by J.R. Waugh
Image: Warner Bros.

Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, with his image being easily recognized around the world. Despite being mocked by some as the Big Blue Boy Scout, he’s also the embodiment of heroism in comic books and reminds us all of our strength daily. Despite many stories noting his stunning empathy and humanity, even though he’s not even from Earth, the most talked-about feature is his strength. So exactly how much can Superman Lift?

What’s the Most Weight Superman Has Been Able to Lift?

Superman has consistently been shown pushing the limits of his strength, but perhaps the most comically impressive feat of his was 5.972 sextillion tons. That’s 21 zeroes. For those who might recognize this number, that’s the mass of the Earth, and in one story he hooked up to a machine that allowed him to bench press this weight for 5 days. This was achieved in Superman vol. 3, issue 13, first released in December 2012 as part of the New 52 phase in DC Comics. But here’s the thing: he was noted only at this point having broken a mild sweat, so it’s tough to say just how far he’ll go.

Image: DC Comics

Superman has been known to achieve other impressive feats of strength. Perhaps one of his most iconic feats aside from the above was in All-Star Superman in which he was originally written to have a limit of 66.67 quintillion tons (still obviously incredible) but when supercharged by lethal proximity to the sun, he saw that limit boosted to 200 quintillion. If you watched Superman Returns, you’ll note he was able to lift Lex Luthor’s manmade Kryptonite landmass and push it into space, moments after recovering from dangerous exposure to Kryptonite radiation.

Either way, Superman’s feats of strength have just been bonkers, and anybody who wishes to claim his character is OP would be understandably justified in some contexts. The scary part is, he has numerous enemies who don’t even need Kryptonite to be more than a match for his strength.

- This article was updated on January 14th, 2023

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