How Old Is Tilly Green in Big City Greens?

Tilly's character is a reminder that you can be weird and silly, yet wise and mature.

by J.R. Waugh

Whether you have childhood memories of watching this series or watched it along with your kids, Big City Greens is a wholesome animated experience the family can appreciate. The series follows a farm-owning family who moves to the eponymous Big City to live with their grandmother, Gramma Alice. It’s a goofy animated series where protagonist Cricket Green and his family learn various morals together. While 10-year-old Cricket is arguably the star of Big City Greens, his older sister Tilly absolutely has her moments.

What We Know About Tilly Green in Big City Greens

Tilly Green is 12 years old in Big City Greens. She is right behind Cricket in terms of the focus she receives as a character, and unlike Cricket’s childish, mischievous yet optimistic outlook, Tilly is more nerdy, and tomboyish, yet surprisingly wise. Part of Tilly’s appeal to additional viewers is her age which seems not to be a coincidence in how she’s more mature, yet still silly. She has more common sense than Cricket and this has come in handy when the family was in a bind. Her intelligence and problem-solving carve out her place in the Green family while also giving her a healthy dose of weirdness.

Tilly’s accomplishments include a surprising mastery of American Sign Language, as well as talent in music, theatre, and the arts. Her most surprising and bizarre talent is likely her animal telepathy, or ability to communicate with animals using only her mind. This latter talent is likely tied to her love for most animals, allowing her to be in tune with them.


Big City Greens is certainly not the most educational children’s show, being similar to Spongebob in terms of content, but it does teach kids some valuable lessons while having relatable humor for any older audience watching. Characters like Tilly allow for any tweens who otherwise might drop off from this show later on, to relate to someone, as they might be coming to grips with their own budding talents and personality quirks.

Big City Greens premiered on June 18, 2018, on the Disney Channel. You can watch the series there, or on DisneyXD, Disney Plus, or DisneyNOW.

- This article was updated on November 23rd, 2022

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