How to Fix “We had some trouble getting to Reddit” Error

Are you running into the "trouble getting to Reddit" error?

by Gordon Bicker

Reddit houses millions of users every day and people are always just a click away from their favorite discussion topics: this means that when errors occur, they can be frustrating to the user base. A particular error getting a lot of attention is one which says it has problems reaching Reddit. This article will take you through how to fix the “We had some trouble getting to Reddit” error.

Method to Fix the “We had some trouble getting to Reddit” Error

The easiest fix for this error can be to make sure your Reddit application is updated on the store if you are on mobile devices. Furthermore, if you have any network issues, this can also cause the “trouble getting to Reddit” error. Check your internet is running correctly and if it isn’t then try a reboot of the network, afterwards log out and log back into Reddit.

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If you have tried those methods and nothing seems to be working then there is a high likelihood that the issue is not on your side but Reddit’s side instead — effectively making the error fix a waiting game. You can check Reddit’s server status through this link and if the words “Major Outage” are in red on top of the three top bars it means Reddit is down. These are the steps you should take when reading the server status page.

  1. Access the Reddit Server Status page and look for any Red Warning bar at the top of the page. For example, it may say “Reddit Failing to Load”, which means the site is down.
  2. There will be bars listed on the page with one named “Desktop Web”, if you are on a desktop and see “Major Outage” above that bar. It means that the site is down. The other bars to check the major server status are “Mobile Web” and “Native Mobile Apps”.
  3. From here, you will automatically know if the error you were receiving is on Reddit’s side. If it is, wait a while and keep track of the page until the bars turn fully green again/operational.
  4. At this point, access Reddit again and you should find the error has now stopped.

What is the Reddit Blackout? Explained

The Reddit Blackout happened in June 2023, it was part of virtual protests that were attempts by some subreddit managers/moderators to stop Reddit from going through with major API price changes. Initially, access to the API has been free but Reddit plans to change this in the middle of June. This would make running communities/subreddits extremely expensive and apps like Apollo (a third-party Reddit client) could go extinct.

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A Reddit Blackout (by way of protests) has never happened before 2023 and it clearly shows that there was a necessity felt by many to actively protest the changes Reddit was putting onto its users. For the time being, if you are encountering the “We had some trouble getting to Reddit” error, there is a high chance it is because of the Reddit Blackout occurring.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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