Is Reddit Down? Why Isn’t Reddit Loading on Mobile?

If Reddit is down, the whole internet might as well be down.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Reddit

Is Reddit down right now? Reddit is the home of almost every online community, so if Reddit goes down, that means a lot of online communities are in the dark right now. If you’re also in the dark about the server status of Reddit, here’s how to check if Reddit is down.

How to Check if Reddit is Down

At the time of writing this article, Reddit is having server issues. If you are struggling to load Reddit on your mobile device, it may be because Reddit is experiencing strange server outages.

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Though the Reddit server outages might be unexplained, what we do know is how to check if Reddit is down or not. Here are the two surefire ways of knowing if Reddit is down.

The best place to visit when you think Reddit is down is Downdetector is a solid source for checking the online status of Reddit and other popular games like Apex Legends. Here, you’ll be able to report if you are experiencing an outage and you’ll be able to see other people’s Reddit status experience.

If you want an even better way to stay in the know with Reddit’s servers, check Redditstatus is like Downdetector, but the site is strictly monitoring the server status of Reddit. If you are looking for a specific day or time that Reddit has server issues, this is the place.

On both Redditstatus and Downdetector, you can view for yourself when Reddit is back online and usable on your mobile device. Be sure to check back frequently to see what the server status is for Reddit.

If you have any other server-related questions, be sure to visit Attack of the Fanboy again for any assistance you might need. We try to cover whenever there are server outages, so check back in or visit other publications for immediate updates.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023