How to Get Cheap TikTok Coins

More bang for your buck.

by Elliott Gatica


As TikTok has taken the world by storm in the past few years, it has since become extremely profitable and almost the premier platform for all sorts of content, including streaming. Of course, like we support our favorite creators with things like Bits on Twitch and Superchats on YouTube, TikTok has Coins. The thing is, with more creators going onto the mobile platform, is there a way you can get more Coins at lower prices? Here’s how to get cheap TikTok Coins so you can support your favorite creators.

Get Cheap TikTok Coins With This Method

Before you whip out your credit or debit card with your phone in hand you have two options to buy coins. You can either log into the actual TikTok website via your mobile browser or PC and buy Coins from there.

When you see the prices between Coins on the app compared to the website, they are quite different. There’s a notice that reads “Save up to 31% compared to in-app purchase” which goes into more detail regarding why that is.

Buying Coins in the app is more expensive because of channel fees. This simply means that you’re not paying the commission fees. So, that might be a bit of a conscience clearer for people who don’t want to pump all the extra dollars into a company that has been under scrutiny for international security reasons.


Besides, getting more Coins on the website just means that you can either get more Coins for what you originally were going to spend or just have a few extra bucks to keep.

Now with the discounted or extra Coins that you do have, you can throw in additional Gifts for people who you want to support. It’ll be even better if you’re a first-time buyer so you can get even more for what you pay!

One final thing you should note is that you cannot get free Coins. It’s a purchasable thing, so do not fall for any third-party apps, surveys, or “glitches” that would net you tons of them. Those are most likely scams and will probably have more malicious things to do with your information if you submit anything to them.

TikTok is available to download for free on mobile devices. You can also watch TikToks on a mobile browser or a PC internet browser.

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