Is ‘Scream 6’ Streaming While It’s In Theaters?

"You’re not scared, are ya?"

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Ghostace attacking someone in Scream 6
Image: Paramount

Scream is one of the most important and consistent horror franchises out there, with almost all sequels being considered great additions to the story. Scream 6 is already here, and the reviews show it’s darker and more violent than usual, surprising viewers in a good way. So, obviously, fans are crazy to check it out now, but some prefer to do that from the comfort of their homes. Is Scream 6 streaming while it’s in theaters? Or are you gonna have to wait?

Can You Stream ‘Scream 6’ While It’s In Theaters?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch the latest Scream in your house for a while. The movie will be exclusively released in movie theaters on March 10, 2023. There’s no news about it hitting any streaming services yet, but it’ll most likely be available on Paramount Plus, as it’s distributed by Paramount Pictures. It also isn’t available to rent or buy digitally as of now.

However, it might come sooner than you think. Scream 5, released exclusively in theaters on January 2023, hit Paramount Plus two months after that, in March. If the same happens to Scream 6, you’ll be able to stream it two months from now, in May 2023. It could be better, we know, but at least the wait might not be that long.

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Where Can You Stream the ‘Scream’ Franchise?

Image: Paramount

If you have never watched any movie of the franchise or want to see your favorites, all previous Scream movies are available on Paramount Plus. It’s also a good way to say goodbye to the legacy characters you won’t be able to see in the latest entry. They are also all available to rent and buy on Amazon if you don’t have access to Paramount.

The Scream TV show is not a mandatory watch, but if you want to experience everything the franchise can give you, you can watch the two seasons on Netflix.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023