Is Season 3 the Last Season of Star Trek: Picard?

"I don't want the game to end."

by J.R. Waugh
Star Trek Picard Season 3 Last
Image: Paramount Pictures

Star Trek: Picard has been available to stream as part of the franchise’s continuously growing lineup since 2020. It continues the story of Jean-Luc Picard as portrayed by his original actor, Patrick Stewart, in an intimate glimpse at his character, motivations, and past regrets. It’s action-packed, surprisingly funny, and visually very appealing while also being fun fanservice, especially for fans of series like The Next Generation and Voyager. But with season 3 looming for Star Trek: Picard, fans will be wondering if there’s more to follow, or if this is the last.

Is Star Trek: Picard Season 3 the Last Season?

Yes, season 3 is the last season of Star Trek: Picard confirmed in 2022 with the announcement that there was no planned renewal for season 4. It’s promising a deadly vengeful pursuer of Picard while he reunites with his original The Next Generation crew. Much like in previous seasons, it will touch upon Picard’s past and will likely also be keeping the franchise’s signature optimistic outlook for the future. Given Picard’s position on the franchise timeline as the latest entry, this finale will be crucial for determining the tone of future shows taking place at or around the same time.

Aside from much of the original cast returning which will surely be a great experience for the fans, there’s the promise of guest stars from other Star Trek series, so maybe there’s hope for returning DS9 faves. There are even fun returning characters from TNG like Daniel Davis’ Professor Moriarty hologram.

With how Picard has interacted with numerous returning cast members of the show throughout the series, it’ll surely be an emotional sendoff in this final season. But for those lamenting the end of this era, there’s hope yet, with some of the franchise’s best storytelling already occurring in other new shows on Paramount Plus.

Star Trek: Picard season 3 premieres on February 16, 2023, and concludes on April 20, 2023, on Paramount Plus. It will be the show’s final season.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023