One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers and Release Timeline

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media

Are you looking for a One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers and release timeline guide so you don’t miss out on the action? For example, after reading Chapter 1080, we know that Blackbeard captures Koby to get the World Government to recognize them as a country and then sees Garp decimate them with Galaxy Fist in retribution.

Unfortunately, we are on another break and must wait an extra week to return to action with the Straw Hat Pirates, Dr. Vegapunk, and Shanks. However, we have the One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers and release timeline that will answer any questions about the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers have been released:

  • One Piece Chapter 1081 Title: “10th Ship Captain: Kuzan”
  • Colored Cover Spread. We see Straw Hat Pirates sleeping with bubbles floating above them.
  • Chapter 1081 starts where the last one ended. Kuzan appears and freezes Hibari, Koby runs to help her. Then Kuzan goes to face Garp (other Blackbear Pirates are not with him).
  • Kuzan: “Will you be able to kill your former “Number One Apprentice” to save your current one!?”
  • Garp: “I thought I taught you to live in the present!!”
  • A flashback about Teach and Kuzan starts. It takes place on a certain island 1 year after the Kuzan vs. Akainu battle in Punk Hazard.
  • Some of the Blackbeard Pirates arrive to the island and they see some of their nakamas frozen (San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot, and Doc Q). Blackbeard Pirates enter a bar and see Kuzan. They drink and get along.
  • Lafitte whispers Teach to kill Kuzan and take his power for the crew. Kuzan hears it and gets angry, ready to fight them. However, Teach apologizes for Lafitte’s words and offers Kuzan to join him instead.
  • Teach asks Kuzan about “the man with the burn scar” because man has the remaining Road Poneglyph. It is said that “The man with the burn scar” rides on a black ship and can create whirlpools to sink his enemies at sea (we see the silhouette of a ship while both talk about him).
  • Shiryu: “Maybe the “man with the burn scar’ works for World Government?”
  • Kuzan denies knowing anything about the man.
  • Flashback ends, Garp vs. Kuza continues.
  • Kuzan uses his attack “Ice Ball” on Garp, but Garp breaks the ice easily.
  • Garp grabs Kuzan’s head and uses a new attack.
  • Garp: “Those who hesitate are weak!! Blue Hole – Fall to Seafloor”
  • Garp smashes Kuzan’s body and splits the ground with his fist. Kuzan’s entire body falls into the ground.
  • Cut to Winner Island, Law has been defeated. Teach is panting with blood on his face. He’s deciding what he should do now.
  • Teach: “Zehahaha!! What should I do with his power!? Should I use it or sell it!?”
  • Bepo sees what is happening with his captain. Bepo then takes a special medicine that Chopper gave him. This medicine lets Bepo turn to Sulong form. Bepo looks badass in Sulong form. He looks like a huge polar bear. We can see Bepo Sulong in one full page panel.
  • Bepo attacks Teach before he can steal Law’s power. Then Bepo takes Law into the sea. In a huge spread, we can see that “Polar Tang” has been destroyed and the rest of the Heart Pirates are in the sea or lying on the ground…
  • Narrator: “At Winner Island in the New World… The pirate Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates have been DEFEATED!!”
  • End of Chapter.
  • Break next week for Japanese Golden Week.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Release Timeline

The One Piece Chapter 1081 release timeline is 1:00 AM JST on Monday, April 23, 2023. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 8:00 AM PST Sunday, April 23
  • 9:00 AM MST Sunday, April 23
  • 10:00 AM CST Sunday, April 23
  • 12:00 PM EST Sunday, April 23
  • 1:00 PM AST Sunday, April 23
  • 2:00 PM BRT Sunday, April 23
  • 5:00 PM GMT Sunday, April 23
  • 7:00 PM CEST Sunday, April 23
  • 9:30 PM IST Sunday, April 23
  • 11:00 PM ICT Sunday, April 23
  • 12:00 AM PHT Sunday, April 23
  • 1:00 AM JST Monday, April 24

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Where Can I Read One Piece Chapter 1081?

You can read One Piece Chapter 1081 for free on Viz Media’s website. Also available on the Viz Media website for free are the three most recent chapters if you need to catch up on previous chapters before Chapter 1081 releases. If you are reading on a mobile device, you can also download the Shonen Jump app and read all official Shueisha Mangas, including One Piece.

- This article was updated on April 23rd, 2023

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