Record of Ragnarok Manga Release Window Schedule 2023: When You Can Expect New Chapters

Will humanity claim another victory or 2 before the end of 2023?

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Manga Release Window Schedule
Images: Graphinica / Coamix, remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

Record of Ragnarok is going strong in 2023 with plenty of action. Mankind has secured a shocking advantage so far in their tournament against the Gods, with the current bout between Nikola Tesla and Beelzebub coming to a close soon. But whoever wins, there are still several rounds to go, with enough content to easily spread across 2023 based on the manga release window patterns for Record of Ragnarok.

Full Record of Ragnarok Manga Chapter Release Window Schedule (2023)

Record of Ragnarok releases its chapters in Japan on the 25th of every month. The series’ publisher Coamix makes it available to read on their Monthly Comic Zenon with scans and translations typically appearing in the wild after that. This means the series has anticipated release dates monthly, with the occasional month where multiple releases, bonus chapters, or 2-part chapters are broken up in the month.

If you want to read it digitally through any manga reader app, Volume 17, collecting chapters 71-74, will release on Mangamo soon. If you’re looking to read the series in paperback, it’s a slower process, with Volume 6 coming on April 18, 2023.

We will continuously update based on releases throughout the year, but here is the schedule of Record of Ragnarok release date windows:

ChapterRelease Window
74January 25, 2023
75February 25, 2023
76March 25, 2023
77April 25, 2023
78May 25, 2023
79June 25, 2023
80July 25, 2023
81August 25, 2023
82September 25, 2023
83October 25, 2023
84November 25, 2023
85December 25, 2023

The monthly format is pretty standard throughout the year. Due to occasional releases of multiple chapters in a month, or chapters being broken up into halves spread over 2 months, we will keep this updated. Be sure to check out our other release date schedules as we keep on top of the hottest manga around.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023