Shazam 2 Age Rating & Parents Guide

Do you need help deciding if you'll take your family to see Shazam 2? You came to the right place.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Shazam Fury of the Gods final fight
Image: Warner

Are you unsure if your family and your kids can watch Shazam! Fury of the Gods? Superhero movies are usually pretty safe but we can never be too careful, especially with movies like Deadpool out there (and you definitely don’t want your 10-year-old kid watching that movie). Also, as the DC universe is going to be rebooted, they might try some riskier moves. Let’s check out the Shazam 2 age rating & parents guide to learn everything you need to know before deciding if you’ll watch the movie.

Shazam 2 has been rated PG-13, which seems pretty safe, but it can already have many things implied, although not very violent or gory.

Shazam 2 Age Rating Guide

Here are the ratings for Shazam! Fury of the Gods:

  • Argentina: 13
  • Australia: M
  • Brazil: 12
  • Canada: PG (Alberta)
  • Canada: PG (British Columbia)
  • Canada: G (Quebec)
  • Chile: TE+7
  • Colombia: 7
  • Denmark: 11
  • Finland: K-12
  • France: Tous publics
  • Germany: 12
  • India: UA
  • Ireland: 12A
  • Italy: T
  • Japan: G
  • Mexico: B
  • Netherlands: 12
  • New Zealand: M
  • Norway: 9
  • Philippines: PG
  • Poland: 13
  • Portugal: M/12
  • Singapore: PG13
  • Spain: 12
  • Sweden: 11
  • United Kingdom: 12A
  • United States: PG-13
  • United Arab Emirates: PG-13
  • Vietnam: C13

Does Shazam 2 Have Sex and Nudity?

Like most superhero movies, Shazam 2 doesn’t feature sex or any kind of nudity.

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Does Shazam 2 Have Violence and Gore?

Shazam 2 features an incredible amount of fights between the heroes, gods, and mystical creatures. One of the new villains can control other people, making a character leap to his death. The kill count isn’t very high, nor bloody, but there is a small number of characters who die during the movie.

The feature also has many scenes of great destruction in the city.

Does Shazam 2 Have Profanity?

Shazam 2 has incomplete uses of “fuck,” and other uses of “damn,” “ass,” “shit,” and more.

Does Shazam 2 Have Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking?

The movie shows a character with a presumed hangover, although no alcohol is consumed in any scene. While vaping is mentioned, there are no scenes of people smoking or using any kind of drugs.

Does Shazam 2 Have Frightening and Intense Scenes?

There’s a moderate amount of frightening and intense scenes. As mentioned before, a character leaps to his death and many other people die, although that’s never shown on screen. There’s a lot of destruction too with a dragon and mythological monsters, which can be a bit intense.

Editor’s Note: With all that said, Shazam! 2: Fury of the Gods is appropriate for most ages. If your children have been exposed to the superhero genre, there’s nothing they haven’t seen before. Shazam! 2 is a much more lighthearted, arguably vanilla, take on the formula.

- This article was updated on March 17th, 2023