Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm Are Teasing a Collab | Here’s What We’d Love to See

Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm, together at last?

by J.R. Waugh
Lucasfilm x Studio Ghibli — a match made in heaven?

Studio Ghibli is an iconic Japanese animation studio known for a ton of anime films over the decades into the present. They’ve inspired plenty of innovations in the feature-length iterations of the anime art form and generated memorable tales akin to Disney classics. But the studio’s Twitter account just dropped a surprising, intriguing tease of a collaboration with another massive studio, Lucasfilm, and nothing else. This mysterious tweet has the internet buzzing about what the project could entail, or whether it would be a Studio Ghibli twist on famous Lucasfilm properties or vice versa.

What Would Be an Ideal Studio Ghibli x Lucasfilm Collab?

Studio Ghibli just dropped this tweet moments ago.

It’s tough to say what we collectively could want from this type of collaboration. While Indiana Jones and Star Wars are the most famous Lucasfilm properties, Star Wars would make bigger headlines and certainly has inspiration and themes in common with Ghibli’s previous works. With the studio having tackled war, family, friendship, emotional, and humanistic themes, it seems an odd yet appropriate fit.

Why Studio Ghibli Would Be a Perfect Star Wars Collab Partner for Lucasfilm

Not only is there prestige in the Ghibli and Lucasfilm names, but this spin on an existing property is the easiest early speculation to make. Japanese filmmaking was always a vital influence on Star Wars, with Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress commonly cited as one of the biggest examples of the 1977 original. Studio Ghibli is also highly influential in its own right and is commonly cited among many different types of top 10 film lists. It seems only natural to use additional Japanese visuals, but it’s uncertain whether this would be on the scale of a Star Wars Visions style of collaboration, or a separate feature presentation.

The other possibility is that it could be a more balanced production with a new property being created by the two. Lucasfilm’s pioneering visual and sound design combined with Ghibli’s signature style and sterling quality are a match made in heaven, and something entirely new would also be fantastic to see. Ghibli’s most famous filmmaking titan Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement to create one last film, ‘How Do You Live?‘ and this could be a great way to bring the studio forward into a new era of influence on the global stage.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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