Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – What is Tom King’s Supergirl About?

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by Gabriel Rodrigues
Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow chapter one

Tom King is a very popular comic writer because almost everything he touches is a hit, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is no exception. When James Gunn announced his DCU slate plans and fans saw a Supergirl project was involved, they couldn’t hold their excitement. The newest project with character has a lot of potential and might be one of the best from the phase. What is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow about?

What is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow About?


2023 is a big year for Supergirl. Besides being the main character in one of the upcoming animated movies, the masterpiece Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be adapted into a live-action movie. It’ll be part of the DCU’s first chapter built by James Gunn: Gods & Monsters. The comic, created by Tom King and beautifully drawn by Bilquis Evely, ran from 2021 until 2022 and starred the titular character helping an alien girl with her revenge mission.

In the sci-fi and fantasy story, you will follow Supergirl, who is celebrating her birthday alone on a distant planet. She’s completely lost, unable to find meaning or purpose in her life. But when Ruthye Knoll, a girl trying to take revenge in the name of her father, appears, Supergirl is dragged into the girl’s mission.

Their journey after Krem, the man who murdered Ruthye’s father, is full of hurt, healing, and self-discovery. Even if you don’t know or aren’t a fan of Supergirl, you will easily get emotionally invested in the girls’ visceral trip and relationship. The artwork and King’s characterization of Supergirl are out of this world. It’s probably of the most beautiful comics released in 2022; the colors, designs, and drawings work together to make it seem even more fantastical and epic.

Tom King knows Supergirl carries the weight of a world inside her. Seeing her interact with Krem, someone who loves violence and destruction is heart-wrecking. She has already seen her loved ones and home die and now has to experience many others going through the same. It’s an incredible character study and also perfect for your first reading of the character.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is already out as a trade paperback, and the movie will soon be released in DC’s new phase.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023