Talk to Me Parents Guide & Age Rating

by Drew Kopp
Image: A24 Productions

A24 Productions’ supernatural horror film Talk to Me tells the spine-tingling tale of a group of friends who, after discovering an embalmed hand that allows them to speak with the dead, accidentally summon murderous spirits that turn their lives into waking nightmares. A unique and terrifying ghost story produced by the same studio that brought us Hereditary, Talk to Me is a film that is decidedly not intended for viewers of all ages. Here is our age rating and parents’ guide for Talk to Me.

Talk to Me Age Rating

Talk to Me is an intense horror film that, to the surprise of very few, has been rated for mature audiences in every country it’s being released in. Here is a breakdown of all the age ratings that Talk to Me has been getting in different regions.

  • US: R
  • Canada: 14A
  • United Kingdom: 15
  • Mexico: B15
  • Australia: MA15+
  • New Zealand: R16
  • Russia: 18+
  • Brazil: 16
  • Switzerland: 16
  • Singapore: NC16
  • Vietnam: C18

Does Talk to Me Have Sex and Nudity?

Sex is referenced in Talk to Me, but there are no explicit or sexual scenes in the film. However, the film doe shave scenes where characters are possessed by spirits and forced to commit rather indecent acts, including making out with a dog and sucking on an unconscious man’s toes.

Does Talk to Me Have Violence and Gore?

Talk to Me features scenes with intense violence and some mild gore, which is the primary reason the film has been receiving mature ratings across the board. The ghosts in Talk to Me primarily attack the living by possessing them and forcing them to commit graphic acts of self-harm, leading to more than a bit of blood being drawn. During one particularly harrowing possession early in the film, a young man is forced to bang his head against furniture and pops one of his eyes out of its socket.

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Does Talk to Me have Profanity?

The film’s liberal use of profanity is the second reason Talk to Me is being rated for mature audiences. Throughout the film, the main characters use a wide variety of swear words to describe how they feel about being haunted by violent spirits, with “fuck” and “shit” being some of the most common.

Does Talk to Me have Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking?

Talk to Me follows a group of young college-age adults who initially want nothing more than to climb the social ladder by using the ghost-summoning hand as a party trick. Naturally, this means there are scenes where they go to and host parties where people are drinking alcohol and smoking.

Does Talk to Me have Frightening and Intense Scenes?

Oh boy. Alongside the visceral possession scenes mentioned above, Talk to Me squeezes a lot of disturbing imagery into its relatively short one-hour and thirty-five-minute runtime. The severed arm at the heart of the film’s story is already disquieting with its chalky skin and occult tattoos, but the spirits it summons are something else entirely. Disheveled and often disfigured echoes of the people they were while they were alive, Talk to Me‘s ghosts are utterly unsettling, and they have a bone-chilling habit of stroking their victims with their spidery fingers.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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