What Other Shows is Storm Reid from The Last of Us in?

A familiar face with some high-profile credits, no doubt!

by J.R. Waugh
Storm Reid The Last of Us
Image: Liane Hentscher/HBO

The Last of Us has introduced yet another character to appear in one episode yet generating tons of buzz. This time around, as Ellie takes Joel to safety and attempts to patch him up and desperately keep him alive, the series flashes back to her past in the Boston QZ. It’s during this that we finally see the tragic tale of her friendship with Riley, played by Storm Reid in The Last of Us on HBO. But for those who enjoyed her heartbreaking performance, you might be wondering what other projects she’s working on.

What Other TV Shows is Storm Reid in Aside from The Last of Us on HBO?

Storm Reid recently achieved recognition for her role as Gia Bennett on Euphoria before her role as Riley in The Last of Us, but she’s been active in television and film for over a decade. Her earliest feature film role was in 12 Years a Slave, and she had a starring role in A Wrinkle in Time as well. While she currently plays the younger sister to Zendaya’s Rue Bennett in Euphoria, Storm Reid has also completed other recent films like Missing.

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On top of Euphoria and The Last of Us on HBO, Reid played Tyla DuBois, daughter of Idris Elba’s Robert DuBois in 2021’s The Suicide Squad from DC. These combined high-profile projects indicate a successful trend of WarnerMedia work for the young actor.

How Old is Storm Reid?

Storm Reid was born on July 1, 2003, and is 19 years old as of this writing. She is only a little bit younger than series star Bella Ramsey, both playing 2 young survivors of the worst plague to happen to the world. Reid’s performance brings a morose element to Ellie’s past, a dear friend on the same wavelength who showed Ellie a lot about the old world.

Riley, played by Storm Reid, formed a deeper connection than either of them expected. This bond will have ripple effects on how Ellie sees Joel, another person for whom she cares, and as long as he lives without turning, she’ll do anything to stop anybody else she cares about from dying.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023