Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan?

Why does this ship even exist?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Queen Historia

Seeing Historia suddenly pregnant surprised Attack on Titan fans and created many questions, mainly: who got her pregnant? The manga sidelines the topic for a while but keeps giving clues about why she got pregnant and the baby’s father, making fans theorize a lot about it. So, were they right, or did no one discover the man’s identity until the end? Keep in mind there are many spoilers ahead!

Who Got Historia Pregnant in Attack on Titan?

Historia is one of the best Attack on Titan characters and probably one of the best female anime characters in general. Fans were dying to find out who the father was and why she suddenly got pregnant when that was revealed in the manga. Initially, people thought Eren would be the father, which seemed highly likely after seeing the clues left behind. So much so that it’s still a popular theory today, and many think that was the author’s original plan. But it’s not Eren, but actually an unnamed farmer.

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Yes, that might be the most shocking information of all. Called FarmHisu, this is the name fans gave to the canon couple of Historia and the unnamed farmer in the story. They have known each other since they were children because they lived around the same area, and the farmer… used to throw rocks at her. Yes, he was Historia’s bully. When he grew up, the farmer worked out of guilt in the orphanage Historia owns while hiding from her until she approached him.

Historia had a baby with him to protect herself from turning into a titan and being forced to eat Zeke. Fans hated that, as Historia’s whole arc and character development were about her not repeating the mistakes her parents made. But she still had a child for ulterior motives, thus regressing her character. Also, even if she had her reasons, Historia still married and had a baby with her bully, a trope that no one likes.

Who is the Best Ship for Historia in Attack on Titan?


Ymir and Historia meet during the 104th Training Corps as cadets. Initially, they antagonize each other a little but soon become friends. Throughout the series, they quickly become closer and start having many important and wholesome moments together. Ymir saves Historia and is the main character that motivates her development during Historia’s arc with her family, making them a popular ship among fans of the manga and anime. They were even nominated for the best couple at Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2020.

Unfortunately, the ship wasn’t confirmed as canon, with the only official one being Historia’s relationship with the unnamed farmer. However, while Historia’s feelings are only up for debate, Ymir definitely loves the girl romantically. She even sends her a love letter before dying and never seeing Historia again in one of the anime’s most tear-jerking scenes.

Attack on Titan is a very popular anime with a very anticipated new season coming in Spring 2023.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023