Who is the Hollow White in Bleach

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering who the White Hollow in Bleach is after seeing him in the manga or anime for the first time? We don’t blame you because White is one of the coolest and most dangerous hallows in the Bleach universe and plays a big part in our favorite protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zanpakuto. So who exactly is Hollow White, and where did he come from? Here is everything you need to know about who Hollow White is in Bleach and why he is so important.

Who is the Hollow White in Bleach


White has a white mask and white hair that goes to the middle of his back. It has a cold and calculating demeanor and always goes after the weakest enemy on the battlefield. Here is White’s character profile:

  • Race: Hollow
  • Affiliation: Sosuke Aizen
  • Special Abilities: Hollowfication Toxin and Soul Infiltration
  • Manga First Appearance: Chapter 530
  • Anime First Appearance: Episode: 377

White was created during Sosuke Aizen’s research by using the souls of many Shinigami. After being created, he kills several Shinigami located in Naruki City, which prompts Isshin Shiba to investigate. Shiba enters into a tough battle with White to stop him from killing more Shinigami. Masaki Kurosaki (Ichigo Kurosaki’s mother) would arrive during the battle to assist Shiba. White would eventually charge at Kurosaki, bite her shoulder, and choose her for Hollowfication. After this, Kurosaki would shoot through its head with a Heilig Pfeil.

At this, White self-destructs, and Shiba saves Kurosaki. However, White can achieve the final stage of transfer during the Hollowfication process and begins to Hollowfy her, which puts her in danger of Soul Suicide. Shiba could use a Gigai to link his soul to Kurosaki’s and suppress the Hollowfication. The influence of White would eventually be passed onto Ichigo Kurosaki and become his Zanpakuto – Zangetsu (Slaying Moon) by fusing with his Shinigami powers.

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- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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