Kingdom Come: Deliverance Picking The Best Armor

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a unique system for armor and weapons.  But how do you choose the right armor?  The developers have built the armor in the game to not just be a stat based item.  The shape of the armor matters since the game uses a unique physics based impact system.

Armor for the head, arms, legs, and body can be layered on top of each other to try and make your character impenetrable.  You’ll need to pay close attention to what spots you’ve left open when selecting different armor pieces as being open for attack is the primary thing you’re trying to avoid with the armor you select.

Just because one piece of armor has a higher defensive stat than another does not mean that it is “better.”  It really depends on your current layering of armor and whether that piece fits with the others.

The layering of Armor matters too.  Eventhough you can put on a big piece of armor to absorb the force of an attack, you’ll want to also be wearing the correct armor underneath and overtop of the plate armor to absorb all types of attacks.

The game allows you to mix and match according to your playstyle and you can find your different armors and equip them as seen in this guide to customizing your character. 

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