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Monster Hunter World Guide: How to Capture A Monster

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Some quests in Monster Hunter World require that you capture a monster.  On these capture quests or expeditions you’ll want to make sure that you bring traps and tranquilizers.

You’ll need the following to capture a monster

Trap items:

  • Shock Traps
  • Pitfall Traps
  • Other Traps


  • Tranq Bombs
  • Tranq Ammo

Both tranquilizers and traps can be crafted or purchased through the provisions stockpile.

To capture a monster you’ll need to perform the following steps

  1. Weaken the Monster
  2. Trap the Monster
  3. Use a Tranquilizer to capture it alive

Monsters must be weakened significantly before you are able to tranquilize and capture it.  When fighting a monster you’ll know when it is weak enough to be tranquilized because you will be able to see it limping in a weakened state.  When you see this you should stop attacking it with normal weapons, set-up your traps and then tranquilize the monster.  If you deal too much damage to a monster you could accidentally kill it which would make you fail a quest if its to capture the monster.

To place a trap you must put it in the monster’s path.  You must select a trap to place and then use the X/Square Button to place the trap.  Once you’ve successfully trapped the monster you can use a tranquilizer item and press X/Square to throw it at the monster.  You’ll want to throw it at its face if using a bomb, but you can also use ammo from a ranged weapon as well.

To craft tranquilizers you must go into the crafting menu for the game and craft whichever type of tranquilizer item that you want.  The same goes for the different traps you can use, but you’ll need Trap Tools to craft these.

Where to Get Trap Tools

You’ll need to head to the Provisions area in the Asteria to purchase Trap Tools for 200z.

How to Capture A Monster Walkthrough


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