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Pokemon Go: When does Zapdos Arrive?

by Kyle Hanson


For the last two weeks Pokemon Go players have banded together to take on two of the three Legendary birds. Articuno was up first, with players around the world teaming up to take down the powerful ice bird. Moltres is still out there now, but that comes to an end later today. Zapdos is the third and final Legendary bird to become available via raids, but when does Zapdos arrive in Pokemon Go?

Niantic, as usual, hasn’t given a set time for when Moltres will stop appearing in Legendary Raids and be replaced by Zapdos. Still, we’ve had at least one other case to go off of. When Articuno was phased out it happened late on Monday, appearing only for a few hours on the west coast of the US. Those on the east coast didn’t see any Moltres until early Tuesday.

Zapdos will likely fit this same mold, appearing on the west coast of the US around 5pm Pacific Time. Those who are not in the west of the US might have to wait awhile before they start showing up. Expect to see them early Tuesday morning though, likely around 8am on August 8th.

Zapdos will be a tough one to take down, so check out our guide on how to beat him right here.

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