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Tekken 7: How to Beat Kazuya

by Al McCarthy


When you’re playing through the Mishima Saga story mode in Tekken 7, the final boss of the game will finally have Heihachi squaring off with Kazuya for a winner takes all battle to the death.  No matter what difficulty you are playing on, Kazuya will be the most difficult battle you’ve faced so far in the campaign.  The Kazuya boss battle has multiple stages in it, where he will take multiple forms that culminate with him appearing in his final form.

Stage 1:  Kazuya and Heihachi will fight in what appears to be the bottom of a volcano.   The arena has fire and brimstone surrounding the fighting space.  At the start of the battle, Heihachi and Kazuya will run at each other and each will hit one another.  This will take off a small portion of your life no matter what.  Back and forth the characters will battle.  As chunks of life is taken there will be short cinematic displays.  Kazuya will remain in his human form throughout this portion of the fight.  His attacks are pretty standard.  No particular strategy is needed for this part of the fight.  You can use either the normal attacks that you know or use the Story Assist mode to use some Heihachi’s more powerful moves.

Once you take down Kazuya’s life bar.  He’ll drop to one knee, at which point the second sequence in the fight is about to begin.  During a cutscene a third eye on Kazuya’s forehead will open that gives him a new power that you’ll need to be able to dodge.  He’ll remain in his human form, but he’ll now have the ability to shoot a laser from his face.  Once you’ve completed the first stage, you’ll start from Stage 2 of the fight regardless of if you are defeated.

Stage 2:  Kazuya will get a cheap laser shot in on you to start the second stage of the fight, it is unavoidable.  This part of the fight gives Kazuya new abilities and he’ll use more advanced techniques when fighting you.  He’ll use Power Crush moves, and the laser attack combined with his standard moveset.  You’ll need to dodge the laser attacks as they take off quite a bit of your health bar.  He’ll use two types of laser attacks.  The straight away laser attack can be dodged by ducking.  His secondary laser attack is shot towards the ground and then rises as it moves towards you.  It’s hard to dodge, but we’ve managed to slip it with a sidestep.

Upon taking his health bar to near zero, Kazuya will launch an unblockable offensive.  This will take your health down to almost nothing and it’s done in the form of a cutscene.  At this point, Kazuya will enter his final form as a demon.  His attacks and abilities are different than his human form.  He has a powerful laser attack that follows a similar pattern to Stage 3.  He also has different moves in general and special abilities.

Stage 3:  Kazuya in his devil form is a tough battle.  He has numerous attacks and will regenerate energy throughout the fight.  The aforementioned laser attacks are stronger, he also uses Power Crush moves to avoid any high or mid attacks that you throw at him.  You’ve got to keep the pressure on Kazuya at this point in the fight as his energy is slowly regenerating.  You cannot beat Kazuya in this stage as there’s one more hurdle to get over even if you take his energy all the way down.  Once you do have his energy to near zero he’ll launch another unblockable attack that will take off nearly all of your energy no matter how much have.

Final Stage:  The final stage of the Kazuya fight is tough because you are starting out handicapped by the previous attack.  Kazuya will have all of his energy and you’ll only have a small portion of yours.  However, your energy goes down much slower than in previous rounds.  The most effective method we’ve found in this part of the battle is to be very conservative as you’ll need to preserve your energy to absorb Rage Art attacks.  If you can avoid being hit before Kazuya launches his first Rage attack you’ll be in good shape.  We targeted trying to get half of his life down before the first Rage attack and then the second half of his bar after it.

Kazuya will be in Rage Mode for the entirety of this Stage and can launch into Rage Arts that can decimate you instantly.  Kazuya will also go into a defensive mode where you cannot do any damage to him at all.  Once he does this you need to have enough energy to withstand a heavy barrage.   That’s where being conservative during the start of the fight becomes helpful.  If you can withstand this blow, you should be able to take him out as you’ll once again be able to take energy away from him. If you aren’t quick enough in brining his health bar down he will continue in the same pattern of being able to absorb attacks so getting his health bar down to near zero as fast as possible is important.

Once you do get his health to near zero, you’ll be prompted to press a button.  Hitting the correct button prompt will launch into the game’s final scene and unlock a secret bonus chapter Tekken 7’s Mishima Saga where Kazuya fights against Akuma.  The credits will roll first, but if you head back into the Story Mode chapter selection screen you’ll see a brand new chapter.

- This article was updated on:September 19th, 2017

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