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Tekken 7: How to Rage Art

by Al McCarthy


Rage Art is one of the new fighting mechanics in Tekken 7.  This new gameplay feature is activated when your health is low, approximately 25% of your bar.  Your life bar will start glowing red and you’ll see a glowing red aura around your character, at that point you know that you are able to perform a Rage Art or Rage Drive move.

You cannot manually go into the Rage mode, you’ll need to be low on health and it will happen automatically.  One thing to note about Rage Art or Rage Drive is that you’ll be dealing more damage that normal when you are in Rage mode, but they can be countered pretty easily. Rage Art and Rage Drive moves, like any of Tekken 7’s fighting moves, are entered manually by the player and you can be hit when going into Rage Art so you have to be careful and time it perfectly.

There are a couple types of Rage Art moves for each character.  Some are simple button presses, while others are more complicated and involve both stick and button inputs.  Many of the characters in Tekken 7 have Rage Art moves that are pretty easy to pull off, assuming you’ve got the space to perform the move before your enemy is attacking you. Rage Drive are more complex combinations that can take off devastating amounts of your enemy’s health.

A great way to learn the Rage Art or Rage Drive moves and see them in action is in the game’s Practice Mode. This mode can be found in the offline menu of the game.  There you can peruse any character’s move list and even have the computer demonstrate the move to see what it looks like and how much energy it takes from your opponent.

- This article was updated on:September 19th, 2017

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