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Tekken 7: How to Use Power Crush

by Al McCarthy


One of the new additions to Tekken 7 is Power Crush.  This new technique is an armored move that absorbs an opponent’s onslaught, which allows you power through high and mid attacks when fighting.

While Power Crush moves are strong against high and mid attacks.  It is weak against low attacks and throw attacks.  That said, if you try to use Power Crush when being attacked with a low attack or a throw attack the move can leave you open instead of defending you.  If you are being constantly pressured by high and mid attacks by your opponent, that is the best time to use Power Crush.

Like Rage Art moves, Power Crush moves vary for each character.  A good way to get familiar with Power Crush moves is by heading into the game’s Practice Mode found in the Offline Menu.  Here you can look through any character’s move list and figure out how to perform Power Crush moves.  Some of the moves in each character’s Move List have icons by them.  A red icon indicates a Power Crush move.  Some are simple, while others are a little more complex, each is used for a different situation.

Since Power Crush moves can leave your opponent defenseless you can use them in tandem with Rage Arts when your health is low to gain a huge change in momentum.  If you can land a Power Crush while in Rage Mode, you can transition directly from the Power Crush and then into Rage Arts for an attack that can take over half of your opponents health quickly.

Good Tekken 7 players will know how to avoid the Power Crush, which is basically using low attacks and throws, however.  Trying to spam Power Crush against players that know how to avoid it is not advisable.

- This article was updated on:September 19th, 2017

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