Leaked State of Play Could Show New PlayStation Hardware Next Week

Find out whats to come from Sony in a possible State of Play!

by Shaun Cichacki


PlayStation fans may have another reason to rejoice this week, as there is a rumor of a new set of hardware that could come coming to the system. PlayStation has been going full force on 3D Audio this generation and matched with the Haptic Feedback inside of the Dualsense, and you’ve got some impressive tech in your hands.

However, gamers are always hungry for the latest and greatest, and it seems like Sony is going to deliver on those promises once again. Thanks to @_Tom_Henderson_ on Twitter, it seems that Sony is cooking up some new monitors and headsets that will allow gamers to get even more immersed in their favorite console.

While it is currently unknown when Sony is going to hold another State of Play or some form of confirmation about these rumors, it seems that June 28th will be the date to keep on your calendar. There have been a few leaks in regards to the new headsets that Sony is putting onto the market, with the name of Inzone.

From these leaks, it appears that there will be 3 different versions, all with their price points. A cost-effective, wired headset for $99, a wireless set of cans for around $199, and another wireless set with active noise cancelation for $299. Since gaming headphones can already be quite expensive, with fewer features, this would put Sony in a great market space, so gamers can get their signature audio quality for a great price.

Will you be picking up a set of Sony-branded gaming headphones, or do you think that they could do better? It will be interesting to see what they have on offer in regards to a new monitor, or if there will also be a chance for gamers to get a first look at the rumored PlayStation Pro Controller that has been making the rounds. We will just have to wait and see if Sony pulls out all of the stops to make sure that their hardware game matches their software game.

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