Pokemon GO Battle Pass Leak Hints at Coins, Poke Balls, and More Rewards

Is Pokemon GO getting a Battle Pass soon?

by Shaun Cichacki


As more and more players are getting involved and into Pokemon GO, you may have a few new things to look forward to in the game. While Niantic is finding new ways to incentivize players to get outside and explore the world around them, this upcoming change could make players that are absorbed into the game happier than ever.

Through a recent data mining effort, players were able to find that there is a possibility of a new Battle Pass system coming to the game, with plenty of rewards for players, including coins, Avatar Items, and more. According to @poke_miners, a group on Twitter that regularly pulls deep dives into data about the game, they have discovered a new item in the files, called the Battle Pass Ticket.

While there was already a Battle Pass in previous months, there was only one reward for completing it, that being Stardust. However, many players would happily pay in to get their hands on exclusive items, so this could be one of the most revitalizing things that have happened to Pokemon GO in years. Having the option for players to complete tasks, catch Pokemon, and more, for a chance to unlock special items has the potential to bring plenty of new players into the game, and help those that may have fallen out of love with the title back in.

While it’s hard to know exactly what this could be, as it could be something about the Pokemon GO Battle League, we can only hope that they do decide to bring this feature to life, with unique prizes behind each of the battle pass levels. Even the possibility of tying in specific events could help, such as catching a specific number of Pokemon to give you extra boosts towards another level of your Battle Pass.

It’s exciting to see that Niantic is looking for more ways to get players involved in the game, especially if it can earn them coins and other objects. We can only wait and see what they are planning, but if they can pull this off properly, players have a chance to be over the moon with the results. Keep your eyes peeled on our Pokemon GO section to see what else they may have in store in the future!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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