Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Every New Pokemon You Might Have Missed From the Latest Trailer

Find out about the newest Pokemon, coming soon to your Nintendo Switch!

by Shaun Cichacki


Fans of the Pokemon series were treated to a new look at the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which have sent the internet ablaze, not only for the new professors but for the newest Pokemon that were revealed today. Not only did we get our first peek into the newest Legendary Pokemon, but three standard Pokemon made their way onto our screens, and quickly into our hearts. Let’s take a look at these different ‘mons, and see what to expect.

Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet – Koraidon and Miraidon


While celebrating both past and future, it looks like the newest Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon will be bringing a very unique sense of style to the latest entry. Fans are already speculating that they may be based on vehicles, and with Koraidon having features very similar to a motorbike, and Miraidon featuring lets and digital eyes, it will be interesting to see what these Pokemon perform like when the game releases!

Koraidon will be exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, while Mariadon will be exclusive to Pokemon Violet. There have been many rumors that you may be able to travel alongside these legendaries, with the possibility of even being able to ride them, so we will just need to wait and see if these rumors are true. However, based on their appearances, it would be slick to see an alternate form that would be capable of traversal.

Standard Pokemon – Pawmi, Lechonk, Smoliv


Rounding out the excitement for today, we’ve also gotten a sneak peek at three new standard Pokemon; Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv.

Pawmi seems to be in contention with other series mainstays, such as Pikachu and Eevee to become the most adorable Pokemon to ever grace the series. With their quaffed hair and round body, you’ll be able to utilize their power not only for action but just for being so darn cute!

Lechonk, on the other hand, is taking the internet by storm. Featuring one of the best names for a Pokemon, you’ll be able to run into this little hog just about anywhere you go. It will be intriguing to see what their evolution is and if it can stand up to the pre-release hype of their title. With the game rumored to be taking place in a fictional Spain, the name takes on an even more humor-filled approach when you realize what Lechon is in the food and culture world.

Finally, we have Smoliv, the anxiety-filled olive Pokemon. While they may look nervous, they’re also one of the most clever designs in recent memory, and hopefully, that helps them feel a little better soon. Letting out a frightened screech when the player approaches, you may need to watch your step when you’re trying to get your hands on one of these Pokemon.

With the game getting a formal launch date of November 18th, 2022, we will have to wait and see what else the Pokemon Team has in store for us. If these five Pokemon and the Starter Pokemon are anything to judge on, however, we may just be in for one of the best generations of Pokemon in a long time.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be available on Novemeber 18th, 2022, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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