Respawn is Hiring Animators for Its Upcoming Star Wars FPS Game

Looks like Respawn Entertainment is getting ready to start its journey with the new Star Wars projects they have under their belt.

by Carlos Hurtado


Looks like Respawn Entertainment is getting ready for their new Star Wars first-person shooter game. A lead designer working on the game shared on Twitter a recent announcement on their current openings.

Back in January, the official Star Wars website announced some new projects that will be developed by Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. According to the article, there will be three different Star Wars games. There will be a strategy game, a sequel to the Star Wars Jedi franchise, and a Star Wars first-person shooter game.

Today, Rayme Vinson, the Lead Systems Designer at Respawn Entertainment currently working on the Star Wars FPS game, made a Tweet sharing their available job openings. Encouraging any available developers to apply for the position. Currently, the studio needs two Senior Enemy/AI Animators and one Senior Viewmodel Animator.

These three titles were announced a the beginning of the year, so no one should expect to see a teaser or anything like that shortly. Many Star Wars fans were excited about the announcement, and the recent Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailers are going to get all the Star Wars fans excited about all the other projects that are in the same IP.

Respawn Entertainment is a game studio well known for titles like Titanfall 1 & 2, Apex Legends, and even Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, so any doubt or concern about the quality of the title should be out the window. This studio has proven to be competent enough to execute on unique features and to build a good product in a genre as competitive as the first person shooter genre.

If players are still doubtful about Respawn Entertainment‘s ability to make a title like this work, the studio has Peter Hirschmann on their side leading the game’s development. This name may not ring a bell for many players, but Peter Hirschmann has been involved in the Star Wars IP for a while. He is listed as the Vice President of Product Development while working on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed among other titles in many Star Wars games.

All in all, we can only wait for more information regarding this Star Wars FPS title, the game does not even have a proper title, so any concept art or even teaser is out of the question. The hype around the Star Wars franchise is through the roof with the new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer and the Obi-Wan Kenobi Tv Show, so this is the right time to start talking about the next Star Wars project. If you are looking for some information regarding Star Wars Jedi Survivor, don’t forget to go to our article where we talk about the mysterious character that made a quick appearance in the latest trailer

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