What Wildflower Interactive’s First Game Could Look Like

Wildflower Interactive games seem set to be excellently styled!

by Gordon Bicker


Wildflower Interactive has been announced by Bruce Straley, a greatly known industry name. They were the co-director of Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Their work has of course also been seen in many other games over the years. The new studio formation is an exciting prospect for many and there is a vast array of excellent talent on the staff member list that can be looked at by anyone. The studio is set to provide unique stylized looks for their games and it is a joy thinking about what this may mean for the art direction of the experiences.

It is important to remember that Bruce Straley has experience working as an artist for 7 games since 1992 and was also the co-art director for Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. They have a lot of experience up their sleeve and since they are the director for the studio this will likely be echoed into every element of the games that are created by the studio. Combine that experience with the experience that the other team members, and have and you are looking at a winning formula. It is an exciting time for stylized game lovers among the community.

Even the official website is beautifully designed. It has an excellent sense of flow and brilliant elements scattered all throughout the webpage. We are also informed that the studio is hiring at the moment so if you are looking for a job in the industry it may be worth looking into their site further. In terms of what the games could look like that appear from the studio, there may be some hints emanating from the website’s design and overall studio logo. The “Wildflower” in the name immediately of course makes us think of flowers, leaves, branches, nature, and beauty. The website also keeps this theme going onwards, it may be a possibility that the first game by the studio relates around this theme.

The game may be full of color but at the same time, the black and white design showcased on their website can lead us to think that it may take a similar approach to the art direction. Nonetheless, the studio has noted on the site that they want to “explore the possibilities of our medium” which showcases that we will probably be seeing some new never-seen-before game mechanics or of course, potentially a fully unique take on art styles and art direction in gaming.

One thing is for certain, whatever Wildflower Interactive’s first game looks like, there is a high likelihood that it will feature an art style that the community has never seen the like of before. It will be a thrill watching the studio’s plans unfold over the years.

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