Will The Last of Us Part 1 Include Abby and Her Dad?

Find out if Abby and her father will be in the upcoming Last Of Us remake!

by Shaun Cichacki


With the exciting news of a complete remake of the first game in The Last Of Us franchise, we can expect to see quite a few new enhancements coming to this masterclass of gaming. However, there are quite a few different things that could be coming together to help tie Part 1 and Part 2 together even more than they already are, including the introduction of a few new characters into an old entry.

Is there a chance that we may see the origin story of Abby and her father in this new remake, or are they going to keep things as original as possible? Let’s take a look at the chances that we will see these characters make their way into this entry in the franchise, or will they keep things as close to the original as possible? Let’s find out!

Will They Keep The Last Of Us Part 1 Original, Or Add New Content?

While it is still too early to judge, from the gameplay that has been shown, it seems that The Last Of Us Part 1 is going to be a remake, rebuilt from the ground up, while keeping things as faithful to the original as possible. While this doesn’t mean that things could change before the actual release date, it seems that we are going to be in for a similar experience than we have played, with upgraded graphics, AI, and more.

We will need to keep an eye out on all of the newest news in regards to this remake, so we can continue to learn about all of the new additions, and to see if we may see some extra additions to the main story. While the original story of The Last Of Us is something that can bring a tear to any gamer’s eye, it may be interesting to see some new additions to the game to help gamers swallow its overall price tag.

If you’re looking to keep yourself informed on the newest news in regards to The Last Of Us Part 1, make sure that you’re keeping an eye on our guide section for this title. You may also be interested in any of the news about the upcoming HBO Series that will help to bring the story to life more than ever before.

The Last Of Us Part 1 will be available September 2, 2022, for PlayStation 5, and at a later date for PC.

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