Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker Are Going to Be In The Last of Us HBO Show

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker return!

by Gordon Bicker


The Last of Us TV series is something that the franchise’s fans are looking forward to and for those who have played through the games, people will be familiar with how vital a role both Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker play within the franchise. Ashley is Ellie and Troy is Joel within the games. This casting is different for the TV series with Bella Ramsey being Ellie and Pedro Pascal being Joel. Nevertheless, at the Summer Games Fest, Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, and Neil Druckmann all made an appearance to discuss The Last of Us Remaster and to share details that Ashley and Troy were going to be featured in The Last of Us HBO show.

What Role Are Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker Going to Have in The Last of Us HBO Show?

With Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker having roles in the TV series, it will no doubt prompt discussion on what those roles will actually be and indeed how big of a role they will be. What is clear from the Summer Games Fest, fans can get excited at the fact these roles are not just going to be a quick two-second appearance for these actors. Neil Druckmann said: “It was so important that they become part of the show. It has to be more than just kind of like a wink to the camera and like a cameo, these are real roles that we’re keeping under wraps for now”.

As can be observed, there certainly seems like there has been a good chunk of filming with Ashley and Troy which is excellent to hear about. Whether you are awaiting the next installments in The Last of Us franchise or simply want to watch a brilliant new show, the upcoming HBO show will be one to mark your calendars for when an airing date is revealed.

The Last of Us will air on HBO in the future.

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