Void Bastards How to Get Ammo

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Ammo is a valuable commodity in Void Bastards.  Having plenty of it is going to be your best chance of survival, so staying stocked full of bullets and other ammo types.  Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get ammo in Void Bastards.  Some rely on some luck, while others you can control during the game.  Here are a few ways to get more bullets and other ammo types in Void Bastards.

The first, and very obvious way to get ammo in Void Bastards is to find it on the ships that you board.  While completing your objectives you will often find helpful items littered throughout the ship.  Sometimes these items will be bullets for your repeater or other ammo types.  Always keep an eye out for items on the ship that are marked with the gold star as they could contain bullets.  Also keep an eye out for items that have a bit of a sparkle to them that aren’t marked on the map like in the image above.

Buy Ammo in Void Bastards at the Krell-Mart Ships


The second, and more controllable way to get ammunition is to buy it.  You can buy all kinds of different ammo at Vending Ships in Void Bastards.  These ships only purpose is to allow you to trade your merits in for items that you want.  You can buy all types of things aside from ammunition.  However, if bullets are what you are looking for this is a very reliable way to get it.  Just make sure you plot your course in the direction of one of these ships.  They are a small ship with big “K” sign on the top of them.  Once inside there will be numerous vending machines that you can access.

Collect Ammo on the Overworld Map


Some stops on the map aren’t ships at all, they are simply stops that give you supplies.  Some of these stops will have bullets or other ammunition that will bolster your supplies.  When you hover over these locations on the Star Map they will show you what they will contain.  Usually it gives you a range of how many bullets it will give you to stop there.  Since it does cost you fuel and food to get to locations, sometimes it might not be worth it to go out of your way for them.

Make the Bullet Hunter at Workbench


The Bullet Hunter perk can be crafted at the Workbench once you’ve found the Magnifying Glass.  Once you create the Bullet Hunter module you can always search in Hab Modules for ammunition.  So whenever you visit a ship, you’ll want to check out the Hab Module to get more ammunition for your regulator pistol.  There are similar upgrades for other weapons as well.  Like the Staple Hunter, once created, will allow you to find staples in Xon Theatres.

You’ll get some ammunition when you start a new character


If all else fails, you’ll get some ammunition when once you die.  When a new client is started to try and complete the mission you will get a WCG Client Care Package that has a number of items.  In this care package you will receive ammunition for your different weapons as well as things like fuel and food.

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