AC Valhalla How to Assassinate Bishop Engelwin Fast – Rot in the Slums Mission

The easy way to kill the Bishop without getting your hands dirty.

by AOTF Staff

In the Siege of Paris DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla assassination missions return, which give players a slew of different ways to kill their targets.  One of the first missions you will need to undertake is find and kill Bishop Engelwin in the Slums of Paris.  In this guide we’ll explain the easiest way to kill the Bishop in the Siege of Paris DLC.

How to Assassinate Bishop Engelwin

There are a number of different ways to assassinate the Bishop as your first target, this method will allow you to do so without getting your hands dirty and with zero combat.

  • Sneak into church
  • Get Robe
  • Go to cleansing pool
  • Disrobe
  • Assassinate Bishop Englewin

This is by far the easiest way to assassinate the Bishop without having to deal with him or his high-level guards.

Sneaking into the Church

The first step of this mission is to sneak into the church.  This can be done easily by going to the back of the church area and looking for a tree with a ladder going up.  Climb the ladder and follow the branches until you can jump to the church ledge.

Getting the Robe

Getting a robe will allow you to blend in.  Talk with the worried subject on the second floor of the church and tell them that you’ll take their place in the cleansing ritual.  They will give you the Bellatores Robe which gives you access to the basement of the Sainte-Genevieve Church.

Access to the ritual area

From there you will gain access to head down to the cleansing pool.  Once inside you will find that there are many guards nearby and that the disguise will not keep you hidden very well.

Make your way to the pool

Keeping out of sight if you can get to the pool and interact you will trigger a sequence where you are speaking with the Bishop.  He will tell you to disrobe and his guards will leave.  At this point you will be given the conversation prompt to kill the Bishop.  He will drop a key which will allow you to explore his quarters and this will give you intel regarding your next target.

Bishop Engelwyn Assassination Mission Walkthrough