All 11 Pet Locations in Pentiment

Show your love to the pets of Tassing and Kiersau Abbey!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where to find all the pets in Pentiment and what they are for? Exploration and interaction play a huge part in Pentiment. You can interact with characters, objects, flowers, and even the pets of your favorite Tassing residents. You will see Tassings’ pets throughout the three Acts, just like their owners. Show some love to the pets and earn an achievement in the process.

All 11 Pet Locations in Pentiment

Pets are spread throughout the town of Tassing and in the Kiersau Abbey. You will know you can pet the animals as an Investigation icon will appear on them when you are close enough. When you interact with them, you will see a short in-game cutscene that is super adorable.

How Do You Earn The Achievement?

To earn the ‘A Regular Saint Francis’ achievement, you must pet five pets by interacting with them. However, you do not have to pet five pets in order, so if you have already progressed the game, you can still earn this achievement as long as you still have access to five pets. I have provided you with all pet locations throughout the game in all three acts.

Note: The same pets inhabit different acts, but their locations change. This is what the game records when interacting with a “new” pet. Interacting with the same pet repeatedly will not trigger the achievement.

Act 1

You can pet the following animals in Act 1:

  • Mirabilis in the Abbot house
  • Mausfanger in the Convent Garden
  • Staub at the Mill
  • Schlau in Central Town
  • Furstchen in the Abbey Guest House

Act 2

You can pet the following animals in Act 2:

  • Shlau in the Meadow to the right of the Golden Hand Inn
  • Staub inside of the Mill House
  • Mausfanger inside the Convent Garden Building
  • Cat inside of the Abbey Kitchen Cellar. You must Feed it to pet it
  • Mirabilis in the Large Garden

Act 3

  • Sube at the Mill
  • Son of Mausfanger in the Covnent Garden

Pentiment is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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