All 22 Flower Locations in Pentiment

Ain’t nobody got thyme for that!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where to find all flower locations in Pentiment and what they are for? Like those adorable pets, flowers are spread throughout Tassing and the Kiersau Abbey. When interacting with you will learn about them and their potential uses. Take a break from solving a murder by smelling wonderful flowers and earn an achievement.

Where to Find All Plant Locations in Pentiment

Plants are spread throughout the town of Tassing and in the Kiersau Abbey. You will know you can smell a flower as an Investigation icon will appear on them when you are close enough. When you interact with them, you will get in-game text explaining the type of flower and its uses. This explanation will change based on the backgrounds you choose.

How Do You Earn The Achievement?

To earn the Smell the Roses achievement, you must smell ten flowers by interacting with them. However, you do not have to smell all flowers in order, so if you have already progressed the game, you can still earn this achievement as long as you still have access to ten total flowers. I have provided you with all flower locations for every Act.

Note: The same flowers inhabit different all three Acts, but their locations change. This is what the game records when interacting with a “new” flower. Interacting with the same flower repeatedly will not trigger the achievement.

Act 1

  • Feverfew in the Convent Garden
  • Cinquefoil in the Convent Garden
  • Woundwort in the Convent Garden
  • Columbine in the Meadow
  • Irises in the Meadow
  • Snowdrops in the Meadow
  • Woundwort in North Town

Act 2

  • Wildflowers in the Meadow
  • Cinquefoil in the Meadow
  • Thyme in the Forest
  • Wonderwort in North Town
  • Thyme in the Meadow
  • Feverfew in the Convent Garden
  • Cinquefoil in the Convent Garden
  • Woundwort in the Convent Garden

Act 3

  • Camomille by Saint Maritz’s statue in the Forest
  • Horehound by the Coal Smokers and Vacslav’s tent
  • Mugwort by the Convent Garden
  • Anise in the Meadow
  • Violets in the Meadow
  • Anise by the Alban Bakery
  • Horehound in the Forest

Pentiment is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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