All 3 5G Tower Locations in Goat Simulator 3

Can you baa me now?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where all 3 5G tower locations in Goat Simulator 3 are? The 5G towers provide an open-world puzzle that unlocks additional in-game content. After finding a 5G tower, you must activate it by connecting nodes with electricity. Once activated, the 5G towers will connect, and a fun event will happen. The 5G towers are spread throughout San Angora, and it will take a bit of traveling to locate them all. Here is everything you need to know about finding all 3 5G tower locations and activating them in Goat Simulator 3.

All 3 5G Tower Locations in Goat Simulator 3

There are a total of 3 5G towers that you need to activate to complete the 5G upgrade test. We have provided you with all three locations on the map.

Fairmeadows Ranch


You will come across the first 5G tower south of Fairmeadows Ranch.



You will find the second 5G tower east of Suburbsville, just north of the Yoga studio.



You will find the third 5G tower north of Goatenburg, just past the Distopia building.

How do I activate a 5g Tower?


To activate a 5G tower, you need to connect small nodes with electricity. After entering the electricity power plant, you will see a broken junction box. If you walk close to it, you will get electrocuted and carry electricity with you for a short time. You will need to traverse the power plant by wallrunning, navigating small beams, and using the wings to connect all three small nodes.

Remember that a node will stay powered on for a short time, so you must connect all of them before this time limit runs out. It is often easier to connect the furthest node away first and then work your way to the closer ones. If you are no longer carrying electricity, you can just run into the junction box again but do so quickly! These smaller nodes will activate the more significant node, as shown by the quick cutscene. Each 5G tower you activate will connect.

Why Should I Activate All 3 5G Towers?


After activating all 3 5G Towers, you will be given a cutscene where spaceships arrive at different zones throughout San Angora. Next, you can use a wardrobe item like the bean stock back item to reach the spaceship’s green growing belly. Once you touch the spaceship, you will be transformed into a spaceship that allows you to fly and use a beam to pick up objects.

Goat Simulator 3 is available on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.