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All Altars of Lilith Locations in Fractured Peaks Diablo 4

Altars of Lillith are statues found throughout each region in Diablo 4 that when activated permanently increase the stats of you and any other player on that plane. This means that if you are playing in a party, everyone will get these stat boosts. The more Altars of Lillith, the better in Diablo 4.

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Where to Find All Fractured Peaks Altars of Lillith in Diablo 4

There are 27 Altars of Lillith in Fractured Peak. There are other regions in Diablo 4 since it is a really big game, but this is the starting area in which you can find all the Altars of Lillith and get the max passive stat boost from it which is great for every class, including the best Barbarian build.

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In the image above, you’ll see the locations for every Altar of Lillith in Fractured Peaks. For your convenience, here is where all Altars of Lillith are in Fractured Peaks:

  • The Pallid Glade – Two: one in the south and one in the north.
  • Nostrava – One: found above the central town area.
  • Desolate Highlands – Three: one in the south, one just above the one in the south, and one in the area below the main city.
  • Sarkova Pass – Four: One in the northwest, one in the north, one in the middle of the region, and one in the east that is only accessible from Frigid Expanse.
  • Kor Dragan – One: found just below the central area.
  • Frigid Expanse – Four: one northwest directly outside of the city, one in the center north area, one in the northeast, and one in the far east near The Crucible.
  • Dobrev Taiga – Four: one found in the north, one found in the west, one found in the south, and one found in the east.
  • Malnoka – One: found in the south section of this region.
  • Seat of the Heavens – Three: one in the north, one in the central east, and on in the central south.
  • Gale Valley – Three: one in the north, one in the east in the larger area, and one in the south.
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