All Changes in the Phasmophobia Ascension v0.9.0.0 Update

Here are all changes in the Phasmophobia Ascension v0.9.0.0 update you should know about!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Kinetic Games

The Phasmophobia Ascension v0.9.0.0 update brings a lot of new content and changes. However, it may be overwhelming to learn all of them at once. Here’s a breakdown of all changes in the Phasmophobia Ascension v0.9.0.0 update broken down by category to make learning them more accessible so you can get back to ghost hunting!

All Changes in the Phasmophobia Ascension Update

Here are all changes in the PHasmophobia Ascension v0.9.00 update:

  • The in-game voice system has been replaced with Photon Voice
  • Replaced and added several new sounds for equipment
  • Moved the camera view for the Head Mounted Camera so that it’s slightly easier to watch other player’s view
  • Crucifixes will now have an extra 50% range (per Tier) against Demons
  • Incense will now have an extra 50% duration (per Tier) against Moroi
  • Rebaked lighting in all locations, main menu and training
  • Increased the height of the Equipment List panel in the lobby
  • Increased the penalty for choosing a Monkey Paw in Custom games
  • “I wish to see the ghost” will no longer teleport the ghost in front of you, instead it will reveal it where the ghost is, in its current position
  • Turning off “Flashlights” in Custom difficulty will now turn off all types of flashlights (DOTS I, UV II etc)
  • Updated all equipment loadouts for Weekly Challenges to accommodate Tiers, some are harder some are easier!
  • Reduced the chance for a ghost to interact with a door as it was overpowering other interactions
  • Moved the Tarot Cards in the Collection cabinet so you can see them all at once on all aspect ratios
  • Candles found inside contracts can still be lit, but are no longer grabbable and do not provide any sanity-altering effects
  • The “Take a Ghost photo” objective will no longer count if you take a ghost photo when your journal is already full
  • Light range has been reduced and will no longer cast shadows to save performance
  • Improved the performance of the fountain in Sunny Meadows
  • Removed distortion for VR Parabolic microphone glass
  • Improved support for new HTC VR headsets
  • Replaced Turkish font to make it more readable
    VR Smooth Monitor View has been renamed to Social Screen Mode
  • Several candles in the Sunny Meadows chapel have been adjusted
  • Light range has been reduced and will no longer cast shadows to save performance
  • The fallen Candelabras will now start off, and cannot be re-lit

In addition to the above changes there have been a number of reworks to the game’s content, which can be found by clicking a link below:


Image: Kinetic Games

A new leveling system has been added to Phasmophobia, with new progression rates, new unlocks, and a prestige system. All current players have been reset to Prestige 1, level 1, for this system to function. This way, you can continue to play with your unlocked difficulties and locations. New players will start at Prestige 0, level 1.

Warning: Players now found editing their level will be banned.

Upon launching the game for the first time after updating, you will be presented with a new screen to choose a unique badge with options based on your pre-update level. Once saved, this is un-editable, so choose carefully!


Image: Kinetic Games

The most significant changes to equipment come from the ability to upgrade items to three different tiers.


Each equipment item now has 3 tiers, increasing our Equipment count from 22 to 60! Tiers cost a large sum of money to unlock, but each tier will cost the same to bring into a contract.

To upgrade a piece of equipment, reach the required level, go to the shop and press on any item’s UI tile on the screen, then hit upgrade!


Several names have been replaced to accommodate changes or for the new upgrade tiers so that the word covers a broader spectrum:

  • Fingerprints (evidence): Ultraviolet
  • Footsteps (photos and descriptions): Footprints
  • Candles and Lantern: Firelight
  • Matchbox and Lighters: Igniter
  • Smudge Sticks and Censer: Incense
  • Camcorders and Movie Camera: Video Camera
  • Glowsticks and UV torches: UV Light
  • Sanity Drink, Pills and Shot: Sanity Medication
  • Head Mounted Camera, Flashlight and Goggles: Head Gear
  • Weak or Strong flashlights: Flashlight


Kinetic Games felt like D.O.T.S. wasn’t a very interactive evidence type, so they completely refactored it from the ground up. Instead of being a clone of the ghost that gets spawned and revealed with D.O.T.S, the following will happen:

  • You will no longer get duplicate D.O.T.S ghosts or D.O.T.S triggering during events, hunts, or other interactions.
  • Ghosts with D.O.T.S evidence can now enter a short “D.O.T.S state,” temporarily visible with infrared light. During this time, they will wander toward the nearest player before disappearing (if the player is in the same room).
  • D.O.T.S Ghost photos now count as normal ghost photos.
    • Note: Banshees will try to roam towards their target instead.

Firelights and Igniters

You can now turn off Firelights by pressing the Use button while holding it. Firelights have a duration for their effects and no longer stop the sanity drain completely, with different sanity benefits per tier.

Parabolic Microphone

When using a Parabolic microphone, you will now clearly hear all sounds you aim towards, within range, while all other sounds will be muffled.


If an Incense is active, the interval in which the ghost checks is much smaller, making repelling the ghost much more consistent. Using Incense during another Incense effect will reset the timer instead of doing nothing.

Salt and Ultraviolet

Salt will now only reveal footprints if the ghost has Ultraviolet evidence. A UV light must now charge UV prints to take a successful photo Footprints will be affected by ghost traits similar to Fingerprints. Glowsticks can now be used again after they dim to shake and revitalize the light they produce.

Thermometers and Temperatures

Thermometers are now counted as starter items alongside the other evidence items. The cold breath effect will now show at 5 degrees Celsius and below. You must now use a Thermometer to find freezing temperatures at 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) or below. To receive a room temperature reading, you must hold the “Use” button for a short period (Tiers II and III only).

Room temperatures will now be much more consistent between players. Freezing ghosts can lower the temperature to -10C and non-freezing ghosts can lower it to 1C. Temperatures will now drop at 1/3 the current speed if the temperature is below the minimum weather temperature.

Tripods and Video Cameras

The Max number of tripods and video cameras has been reduced to 4. Ghosts can now throw video cameras like other items and they can now knock over tripods.


The following items are consumable:

  • Crucifix: All tiers
  • Firelight: Tiers I and II
  • Igniter: All tiers
  • Incense: Tiers I and II
  • Salt: All tiers
  • Sanity Medication: All tiers

If you use an item during a contract marked as “consumable” in the shop, you must purchase it again when you leave. Disabling “lose items” in Custom Difficulty will not consume items (rewards are still set to 0x).

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Photo System

Image: Kinetic Games

A new photo camera system has been added, which takes into consideration the distance and view angle of the evidence. This will significantly change the quality of photos. Evidence in photos will now need to be closer and centralized to get a higher quality reward.

Reward Changes

Image: Kinetic Games

Several rewards have had their values adjusted to feel more rewarding and encourage the completion of objectives. Rewards for all objectives, tasks and the weekly challenge have been increased drastically.
Any experience earned will now give you the same amount in dollars. Rewards for collecting bone will no longer be affected by the reward multiplier.


Image: Kinetic Games

The Training mission has been replaced with a brand-new experience, to access it press the training button on the main menu. This version of Training is set in a custom-built warehouse, with different rooms to show the player how to use each item of Evidence equipment, as well as give tips and tricks on how to play the game in a controlled environment.

Gamepad 2.0

Image: Microsoft

New gamepad UI button controls have been added to the Journal, voice recognition text, and the main menu screen. The gamepad UI navigation has been replaced with a virtual on-screen cursor.

Blocking Players

Image: Kinetic Games

You can block other players, permanently keeping them muted until you unblock them. You can block or unblock a player by pressing the block button on either their player card or the recent players’ page. You can also unblock players by going to the ‘Blocked Players’ tab in the ‘Pause Menu.’

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Phasmophobia on my Lenovo gaming laptop.

- This article was updated on August 17th, 2023

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