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All Collectible Locations in Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2: “Rules”

Here's where to find all the collectibles in Life is Strange 2's second episode.

by Dylan Siegler


Like the first episode, the second episode of Life is Strange 2 has six hidden collectibles to find throughout its various scenes. I would recommend playing through the episode normally first, just experiencing its story, then, once you’ve finished it, going into Collectible Mode to finish finding the collectibles. To get to Collectible Mode, select “Play Episode” from the game’s main menu, then choose the episode you want to look for collectibles in, in this case “Episode 2: Rules.” Select the scene you want to play through again (the number of collectibles in each scene, as well as how many of them you’ve already found, will appear below each scene; keep in mind that there are scenes without any collectibles) and make sure you press the button corresponding with “Play in Collectible Mode,” instead of “Play in Standard Mode.” In Collectible Mode, the choices you made in your actual playthrough won’t be affected; rather, the only thing that will change in Collectible Mode is which collectibles you’ve managed to find. This guide will be divided up by each scene in Episode 2.

Young Apprentice

In this scene, after you’ve filled up your canteens from the river, walk straight forward, past the trap and past the structure with the canoe on top of it, towards a tree. Once you get to this tree, look up at it and you’ll see a Metal Box sticking out from one of its branches. Look at it first, then you’ll be able to ask Daniel to retrieve it with his telekinetic powers. Once the box falls from the tree, approach it and Inspect it, which will earn you your first collectible in Life is Strange 2‘s second episode.

Ship, Captain, Crew

There are no collectibles in this scene; feel free to move right along.

Rule of Might

There are no collectibles in this scene either.

The Road to Beaver Creek

Once again, there are no collectibles to be found in this scene.


For the last time for a while, there are no collectibles in this scene.

The Gingerbread House

There’s a lot to do in this scene before you’ll be allowed to find the collectible hidden in it. After eating breakfast, getting the key to the shed from Stephen, and finding Daniel when he hides from you, you’ll be able to Play with the Train Model upstairs. Don’t worry, Stephen won’t get mad at you for doing so. When playing with the Train Model, you’ll be able to change the train’s direction, as well as its speed. Increase its speed to get this collectible quicker. You’ll want to change the tracks so that the train drives through the tunnel all the way to your right. Driving through the first time will cause Sean to note that it sounds like there might be something stuck in the tunnel. Continue driving the train through the tunnel a second time and once the train emerges, there will be a model sign in one of the train cars. Stop playing with the train and once it comes to a complete stop, you’ll be able to collect the Sign that is in the train car. This is the second collectible in Life is Strange 2‘s second episode.

Bending Laws

In this scene, Sean will wake up to discover that Daniel is visiting Chris next door. Leave Sean and Daniel’s grandparents house, but don’t enter Chris’s house yet. Instead, go into Chris’s backyard where you’ll find a Snowman. First, Look at the Snowman, then you’ll be able to Pick Up a Beer Cap resting on the Snowman. This is this scene’s first collectible.

For the scene’s second collectible, enter Chris’s house. After Daniel goes to the bathroom, Chris will show Sean his toys and you’ll have to accurately guess which ones are heroes and which are villains to earn the next collectible. Of the six toys that Chris shows you, the Bear, Pirate, Warrior, and Dino are all heroes, and the Car and Insectoid are villains. Guessing them all correctly will prompt Chris to reward you with Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2’s fourth collectible.

Christmas Spirit

There is only one collectible to be found in this scene. While exploring the Christmas market, Sean will eventually come across Cassidy, a purple-haired girl playing guitar. Once she and her friend Finn leave the market, return to where she was playing guitar a minute ago. On the ground there, you’ll find a Guitar Pick that you can Look at before Picking Up. This is the fifth collectible in the episode.


There are no collectibles in this scene.

Screeching Tires

The sixth and final collectible of the episode can be found in this scene. While exploring Karen’s room, you’ll find a CD Player next to a chest full of Karen’s belongings. Try to Play the CD Player, which will cause Sean to discover that it’s not plugged in. Plug the CD Player into a nearby Socket, then try to Play the CD Player again. Once again, it won’t work, but this time Sean will open the CD Player to try to find what’s wrong with it. Inside the CD Player, Sean will find a ticket, which serves as the final collectible in Life is Strange 2‘s second episode.

Breaking Free

You should have already found all of the episode’s collectibles by this point. If you’re still missing some, go back over this guide to see what you’ve missed.

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