All Easter Eggs in Goat Simulator 3

What did one Easter egg say to the other... Heard any good yolks today?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering about what easter eggs are in Goat Simulator 3? What makes Goat Simulator such a powerful series is its use of easter eggs, influences, and collaborations. The developers do an amazing job incorporating these easter eggs into all aspects of the game. You will laugh at all the fun references in the game, from a shirt to a random building you find while exploring to a quest name that won’t get them sued. This list is likely not all easter eggs in Goat Simulator 3, as we tend to find more with every playthrough, but we have provided you with some of the favorites that had us cracking up.

The Best Pop Culture References in Goat Simulator 3

How many pop culture references can they squeeze into a single game? Here are all the funniest easter eggs we have seen in-game. Sometimes the reference is hidden very well, and you may not see it at first, but it is there!

Baashank Redemption


After completing the Mission Possible quest, you will be locked up forever… or so you think. Lick the post on the wall to reveal your escape route!

Goatbraham Lincoln


Everyone is running for president these days so why not Pilgor?

Family First


You can find Doretto’s garage in the downtown area by one of the car ramps. If you traverse to the roof instead of one of the containers, you can open the garage doors. Walk inside to see the Goat version of Dom and Bryan. Here’s a fun fact you probably don’t care about: the word family has been said by different characters 51 times throughout the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Mission Impossible and Oceans 11


There is a downtown jewelry exhibit where you must navigate through laser beam security to steal a giant diamond. The quest is called Mission Possible, and the Wardrobe item you get is Ocean’s 11. You even get some fun theme music you’ll probably recognize while performing the heist.

Hoofer Dam


Coffee Stain sure loves their puns, and who are we kidding so do we. The Hoofer Dam is a fun take on the Hoover Dam. There is much for you to do in this location, including a fun Instinct quest and two car ramps.

That Famous Swedish Furniture Store


There is a house with Swedish flags in Surburbsville. You will be tasked with assembling furniture from Swekia (we see what you did there). The result is a portal that transports Swedes to San Angora and Goats to the hidden Swekia warehouse.



For all of those Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans out there. You can experience everyone’s favorite map and zone sign.

Don’t Goat, Open Inside


This Walking Dead reference is easy to miss in the Fairmeadows Ranch zone. There is no way to open the barn doors, so we wonder what is inside. We hope it’s zombie goats.



Goat Simulator 3 is basically a cosplay game disguised as a sandbox game. Dress up Pilgor as your favorite character and nerd it out.

Dead Island Dock


The Capracabana Boardwalk in the Goat Simulator 3 trailer was a mock of the Dead Island trailer. This dock can be found in Gotenburg. Something feels so satisfying as you trot down the boardwalk, knowing you can wreck anyone’s day with a button click.

Gold… Sachs Investment


I think the picture says it all. This is a funny riff on the investment banking behemoth.

Two for One Special


The Channitatium Shield is a back wardrobe item. You can throw it as Captain America does in the comics and movies. What makes this even funnier is its name. We’ll give you a sec to reread the name if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Burg Boss


Everyone’s favorite red-headed burger maker makes a cameo in Goat Simulator 3.

Enter the Goatrix


This picture is hard to see, but that is how the secret Matrix level is in-game. You can enter the Matrix by activating the Purity Ring and jumping into Mount Inferno’s lava.

May the Baa be With You


You will find a church with a bell tower at the Brumehill Cemetary. There are three bells you must headbutt in a specific order to play the intro to the Imperial March (Darth Vadar’s theme song). If you have trouble with the correct order, you can look up the sheet music and use the first two measures as a guide.

What do You Call a Goat that Works in a Donut Shop?


Duncan Donuts makes some of the best donuts around. I am equally intrigued and horrified at some of Goat Simulator’s donut flavor options. Funky Sock or Golden Whole, anyone? Oh yeah, the answer is… a battering ram.

Just Another Day at the Office


Is that Goku trying to pull Excalibur from stone? This funny site is located next to your downtown goat castle. It is super entertaining to see him struggle mightily. Headbutt him out of the way, lick it, and pull until it comes out. You now have the powerrrrrr! Oh, wait, wrong show.

Rock Out with Your Baa Out


Head to the Distopia music venue to see Alumina and Bajs play rocking music with sweet pyrotechnics effects. If you aren’t aware of which bands these are, they are mocks of Metallica and Kiss.

Cross Fit


This easter egg had us laughing the most. Inside the Brumehill Cemetary church is the gym from God, and his only commandment is thou shalt not skip leg day.

Goat. Goat Never Changes


Let’s be honest. I think most of us detonated the Megaton nuke, didn’t we? Well, you have the satisfaction of doing it again in Suburbsville. Your reward for doing so is this sweet Fallout Boi vault dweller’s body item. You now look like you are out of Vault 69.

Hobo the Gray


Dilbo’s Journey isn’t the only Lord of the Rings easter egg. Next to Distopia, you will find a homeless person who tasks you with building the sweetest house made of trash ever. Once you have gathered all pieces of trash, you will unlock a portal that takes you into the domain of Hobo the Gray.

Which easter egg is your favorite?

Goat Simulator 3 is available for preorder on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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