All Family House Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's how to escape the Slaughter Family using all Family House exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Gun Interactive

The one neat aspect of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is the ability to escape from the map using four different exits, each with their own different objectives that must be completed. This means you won’t have to complete the same tedious task (generators, I’m looking at you) every match and can change your exit strategy based on how the match is going and what Family members are hunting you. Here are all Family House exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre so you know exactly where they are located and a guide on opening them so you don’t get slaughtered!

All Family House Exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Image: Gun Interactive

In four ways, you can escape using the Family House exits in The Texas Chain Saw massacre. The map above shows the location of each exit and, the items you need to find, and the locations to use them to open each exit. The four Family House exits include the Road, Rear Gate, Fuse Box, and Valve.

Here is the map legend:

  • Arrow: Exit Location
  • Heart: Item Location
  • Star: Door Unlock

For instance, you can find the Valve item at the Green Heart locations and then will need to take it to the Pressure Valve door unlock at the Green Star locations. Once you have attached the Valve to the Pressure Valve door unlock and spun it, you can exit the Family House at the Green Arrow, which is the exit gate itself.

Car Battery Rear Gate Exit

Image: Gun Interactive

The metal grate behind the gate is electrified and must be deactivated by turning off a nearby car battery. You can follow the yellow wire from the gate to find the location of the car battery if you can’t find it. The gate is active if the light color is Red and deactivated if the color is Green.

Note: You will need an unlock tool to open the gate once you turn off the car battery. I have found it is better to unlock the gate first, then turn off the car battery just in case a Family member sees you.

Fusebox Exit Basement Door

Image: Gun Interactive

You can open the Fuse exit door in the basement by finding the Fuse and inserting it into the Fusebox. There are multiple locations for both the fuse and the insertion point. Common areas to find the fuse are Grandpa’s Room and the Living Room of the Family House. Once found, take the fuse to the Shed, Luggage Room, or Hitchhiker’s Room.

Keep in mind there is a mini-game you must complete to open the door so make sure to plan according based on the Proximity Warning indicator, since you’ll be caught in the open. After the door has been opened you can find the exit door in the basement in the Northwest part of the map. The basement will have Exit signs with an arrow pointing to the path you need to take to find the door.

Pressure Valve Exit

Image: Gun Interactive

You will find the Pressure Valve exit in the north portion of the map. The Valve item is found in the Luggage Room (second level of the house), the Bathroom, or in the Barn. Once you’ve found the Valve item you need to take it to the Pressure Valve door unlock point which is located in the north part of the map to the west of the Pressure Valve Gate exit or on the southern part of the map by the part of the driveway closest to the house. Remember, while you are completing objectives like spinning the Valve you won’t be visible to Grandpa when his Sonar ability is activated.

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West Road Exit (Generator)

Image: Gun Interactive

The Generator Road Exit will have an electrified grate that will prevent you from leaving the Family House until it is disabled. Like with the Car Battery Rear Gate Exit, you will see a box with a light (Red is on, and Green is off). Follow the yellow wire coming from this box, leading you to the generator. Once there, you will interact with the generator and break it. Once broken, you can now leave using the Generator Road Exit since the grate will be disabled.

Remember that a Family member can turn the generator back on, so pay attention to the light if you had to hide after breaking it. I saw a rando not pay attention to the light and run directly into the electrification because they weren’t paying attention, leading to their swift death. Characters with a high Strength attribute will break the generator faster.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on my Lenovo gaming laptop.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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