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All Graffiti Locations in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

by Dylan Siegler


Most of the achievements in Life is Strange: Before the Storm can be achieved by writing or drawing graffiti in various locations. Each episode has ten possible graffiti locations, totaling thirty times you can make your mark on the world. This guide will explain how to find each of these markable locations.

First thing’s first: Play through Life is Strange: Before the Storm normally and mark all the places that you can find on your own. Even though it may seem like there should be at times, there is no narrative penalty for marking places or things with graffiti. Also, remember that even though almost every time you are given the option to mark a place or thing you will be given an option between two graffiti ideas, it never matters which one you choose; all that matters is that you make a mark of some kind in order to get the achievements. After you’ve gone through and marked all the markable locations you can find on your own, return to the Life is Strange: Before the Storm main menu. From there, click “Episodes,” and when hovering over an episode you already played through, you will have the option to play through it again in “Collector Mode.” This mode, which returns from the original Life is Strange, lets you play just one scene at a time, going back to mark any areas you may have missed your first time through. Feel free to make new choices while in Collector Mode, since choices are not saved; Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s Collector Mode is just to get missed achievements.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode One: Awake

  • Old Mill – Exterior (1/1): In this area, there is an RV to the left of where you start off. Walk to the side of the RV without people and you’ll be given the option to write graffiti on it.
  • Old Mill – Interior (1/1): Instead of going upstairs or trying to get to the stage, go to the back of the first room in this area. There will be a large, circular saw on the wall that you can write on.
  • Price House – Upstairs (1/1): In your room, there will be a poster of a woman riding a unicorn on the wall near the door. Tear down this poster and then you will be given the option to write on the wall.
  • Price House – Downstairs (1/1): After leaving the house so David can take you to school, he will ask you to retrieve something from the garage to fix his car. While in the garage, you can tag the inside of his toolbox.
  • School Campus (1/1): After talking to Eliot, go all the way to the left, behind the stage. To the right of the entrance of the building behind the stage, there is a blank wall you can write on.
  • School Drama Lab (1/1): First, retrieve Rachel’s belt from her backpack, which will grant you entry into the next room. As you enter this room, you’ll see a door with a post for The Tempest directly in front of you. You can draw on this poster.
  • Train (1/1): When you first get on the train with Rachel, you’ll be prompted to find a box to sit on. Find this box, but don’t sit on it yet. Instead, go to the area the box was previously blocking off. Here, you’ll find a wall with writing on it. You can add your own writing to this wall.
  • Overlook (1/1): In this area, there is a large statue entitled “Northwest Valor.” Look up at the statue instead of at the sign. You will be given a prompt to add graffiti to the statue.
  • Junkyard (1/1): After getting into an argument with Rachel, she will leave and Chloe will descend into a tantrum. During the tantrum, one of the things you can smash is a sign that says “Good Kiddos” and has an image of a smiling girl and two ice cream cones. Smash this sign, then smash the can of paint next to it. Once the paint has splattered the sign, you can graffiti the sign with the paint.
  • Dream (1/1): During the episode’s second dream sequence, you will see a poster for The Tempest directly in front of you. Look at this poster. After William speaks, you will be able to move the poster and write graffiti on the back of the seat where it was.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode Two: Brave New World

  • Parking Lot (1/1): In the parking lot you enter after speaking to Principal Wells, walk to your immediate right, where you’ll see a white pick-up truck with boxes in the back. One of these boxes will be open and you can write on one of the light bulbs inside.
  • Junkyard (1/2): Before you fix the car, find a large boat you can climb into. You’ll need to prop up the palette next to the boat to climb into it. Once in the boat, there is a car hood inside that you’ll be able to write on.
  • Junkyard (2/2): After fixing all the things that need fixing in the car, Chloe will get inside it. After receiving a call from Frank, you can write on the wall behind your seat in the car.
  • Junkyard – Later (1/1): Inside Chloe and Rachel’s hideaway in the junkyard, there is a wall that can be written on.
  • Frank’s RV (1/1): Inside Frank’s RV, there is a grocery list on the counter next to the sink. You can write on this grocery list.
  • Dormitories (1/2): As you enter this area, you’ll notice a section of wet cement blocked off by caution tape. Walk through this wet cement, leaving your footprints in it. After doing so, turn back to the wet cement and you’ll be given the option to write in it.
  • Dormitories (2/2): As part of the puzzle here to progress in the game, you need to get Samuel out of his shed by damaging the sprinkler. Once you have distracted Evan by scaring the bird away, you can smash the sprinkler, which will prompt Samuel to come out to look at it. Once Samuel is looking at the sprinkler, you can go into his shed and interact with the white door at the other end of it. Look at the door first, then you’ll be given the option to draw on it.
  • Boys’ Dormitories (1/1): Before entering Drew’s dorm, enter Eliot’s dorm. Once inside, open his desk drawer and read his poetry. Now leave his room and you’ll be given the option to first erase the drawing currently on his whiteboard and then write a message of your own.
  • Campus – Backstage (1/1): After Chloe has been talked into being in the play, she’ll appear backstage in her costume. Before leaving the girls’ dressing tent, you can draw on the rectangular mirror.
  • Amber House (1/1): After setting the plates and James Amber’s glass at the table, talk to Rose so she can give you your final task. She will tell you to light the candles and then move to a new area. Once she has moved, you can draw on the newspaper clipping on the refrigerator.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode Three: Hell is Empty

  • Rachel’s Room (1/2): You can write on the map of the United States on the wall.
  • Rachel’s Room (2/2): You can write in Rachel’s planner on her table.
  • Price House – Upstairs (1/2): In Chloe’s room, there is a class photo next to her desk. Look at this photo, then you’ll be given the option to draw on it.
  • Price House – Upstairs (2/2): In Joyce’s room, there is a car calendar next to the door. You can draw on this calendar.
  • Junkyard (1/1): While fixing the car, you can blow the gunk out of the fuel filter. Doing so will cause a splatter of gunk on the hood of the car, which you can draw on.
  • Hospital (1/3): After talking to Steph in the hospital, you will see her walk down a hallway. Walk down the other hallway and you will first encounter a brief cutscene with the picnickers from the first episode. After this cutscene, you can walk down this hallway and write on a poster that says “Wash your hands!” on the wall.
  • Hospital (2/3): You can draw on the vending machine in the hospital waiting area. I’m not exactly sure what prompts this, since you can’t tag it at first and the option only became available to me randomly. You probably need to slam the machine until you get the candy bar from it, but other than that, just interact with other things in the waiting room and hallway you don’t need to go down until this option becomes available to you. This option should become available before you start down the hallway that Rachel’s room is in.
  • Hospital (3/3): I hear that who you can visit in the hospital here varies depending on how you played the game in Episode Two. In my playthrough, Mikey got injured, so I was able to visit him and writing on his cast counted as graffiti. I assume that if Drew is in the hospital instead of Mikey, you can write on Drew’s cast instead.
  • Amber House – Office (1/1): Go behind James Amber’s desk and interact with the drawer that is not locked on the left side. After discovering its contents, you can draw on the desk by interacting with the bottle inside the drawer.
  • Old Mill (1/1): First, retrieve the knife stuck in the wall. Then, move the piece of metal that’s leaning on the wall. Behind the piece of metal, you’ll find graffiti that reads, “Don’t mess with Damon Merrick.” If you have the knife, you can mark this graffiti by slashing through it, which counts as your last bit of graffiti.

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