All MW3 Beta Weapons

What are all the weapons available in the MW3 beta?

by Noah Nelson
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Modern Warfare 3 has several new and returning weapons being featured in the beta. These weapons will carry over to the full game, and more weapons will be available then. Here’s a sneak peek at all the weapons featured in the MW3 beta.

Every MW3 Beta Weapon

In the MW3 beta, there are three Assault Rifles, two Battle Rifles, three SMGs, two Shotguns, two LMGs, two Marksman Rifles, and two Sniper Rifles.

These are brand-new weapons unique to MW3. You’ll carry over all your weapons and skins from MW2 into MW3, but these weapons are brand new.

Also, depending on what edition you pre-ordered, you’ll get the Crimson Fate and Carbon Fate skins which look really clean. You can also get a Beta Ripper skin for that SMG which is pretty sweet.

All Assault Rifles in the MW3 Beta

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The three Assault Rifles spotlit in the MW3 beta are SVA 545, MTZ-556, and MCW. They look pretty sweet and you’ll unlock them as you get XP.

All Battle Rifles in the MW3 Beta

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The MTZ-762 and BAS-B are the two Battle Rifles available in the MW3 beta.

All SMGs in the MW3 Beta

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For SMGs, we get Rival-9, AMR9, and Striker. I think a fan-favorite will be Rival-9, but we’ll have to see. The Assault Rifles look like they’ll compete with the SMGs in MW3 multiplayer.

All Shotguns in the MW3 Beta

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The two Shotguns we get are Riveter which looks like an auto shotgun and Lockwood 680 which is your classic pump shotgun.

All LMGs in the MW3 Beta

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The Holger 26 is your lightweight LMG and the Pulemyot 762 is the classic heavy LMG. Both look like they shred.

All Marksman Rifles in the MW3 Beta

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For Marksman weapons, we get MTZ Interceptor and MCW 6.8. If you don’t want to commit fully to a Sniper Rifle, these Marksman Rifles are solid options. I love a good Marksman Rifle and these look great.

All Sniper Rifles in the MW3 Beta

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Finally, the two Sniper Rifles are Longbow and KV Inhibitor. Longbow looks a little quicker and KV Inhibitor looks like the heavy hitter.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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